Steering through DU

Filmed and edited by Will Moss, Jane Zunamon, and Carson Baer.

“Four” highlights seniors’ hard work

Four is comprised of the artwork of four graduating seniors from the University of Denver who are completing their BFA’s in the Studio Art Program. Claire Anderson, Hannah Rose Cole, Leeandra Durfey, and Sabrina Yagman are all very unique artists who had the opportunity to present their artwork at the Vicky Myhren Gallery opening on May 18, 2017.

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Surviving the DU commute

By Chase Fisher, Xuan Li, and Caroline Field

Transportation at DU

Parking problems at DU

By Kayla and Leah

Parking at the University of Denver angers students

Parking with Ellie and Phalan!

Parking and Commuting at DU

Traffic At DU

Parking Practice Video – Justin, Daniel, Jake