Health insurance in a new light

Senior Gabe Morgione uses his parents' health insurance, because he says it is cheaper.

Every year each student has to go into their Webcentral account and either accept or deny the health insurance that the University of Denver provides.

Students are able to take advantage of the close proximity of the Health and Counseling Center as it is located in the Ritchie Center, but the health insurance that the school offers is often overpriced compared to insurance that students’ parents have already provided for them.

“I still have my parents’ health insurance and it’s a lot cheaper,” said senior Gabe Morgione. “I know that you have to wave the health fee (at the beginning of the year), but I am not exactly sure. I have never been (to the Health and Counseling Center).”

Possibly expensive health insurance

On average the health insurance provided by the University is $144 per quarter, according to the Health Center’s website, compared to the average of $2.55 a day which amounts to about $77.56 a month, according to

With that information the University’s health insurance does not sound so bad, because they seem to have the same price as that website per quarter, however with the health insurance provided by DU a patient must receive treatment at the Health and Counseling Center if the Center provides the same medical care that any other doctor would provide.

“Last quarter I had mono,” said graduate student Brett Evans, “it was awful. I had to go to the hospital a couple of times which cost my family and myself a lot of money, because the Health Center sometimes did not have the resources to treat it. It was just a hard strain on the budget.”

Possible prescription problems

When trying to purchase prescriptions there also seems to be a finical strain as well. This is so because according to the brochure of UnitedHealthCare, the health insurance provider that the Health and Counseling Center has partnered up with, students only have to $1,500 per year policy with which the insurance plan will help cover for prescriptions. After that it is up to the student to cover any costs.

“I know that one of my friends one time went over the amount of money that the school’s health insurance provides,” said junior Chayce Duncan. “He was telling me how just to get his prescription filled he had to pay $300. I know he ended up not doing that because he didn’t even have the money for that, so he wasn’t able to get the whole thing filled, but got half of it filled for like $145.”

Evans did not have the same problem that Duncan’s friend had.

Graduate student Brett Evans used to use the school's insurance, now he uses his mother's.

“When I was getting my prescriptions for my mono I know I did not have to pay a lot of money because of the maximum that the health plan had,” said Evans. “I only had to pay the co-pay of $15, but the problem was that the hospital did not show that I had the school’s insurance so they sent us a fat bill. Since then I haven’t been on the school’s insurance, but instead have been on my mom’s.”

Why use the insurance here?

The Health and Counseling Center is in very close proximity to the campus and offers a great way to provide services to the students that go there, according to Morgione.

“I know that a bunch of people like to go there just because of where it is at,” says Morgione. “I personally would rather just go to my own doctor, because they would help me out more, but if I needed to go to the Health Center it would not be a big problem since it is close.”

The Health and Counseling Center, on their website, says that students should use the C enter because of how close it is. The website also says that they are a convenient because they are able to allow same day appointments which makes it easy for students to get appointments when they need it.

“That is one thing that I like about the Health Center,” said Evans. “It gave me the opportunity to see them then when in some cases at the doctor’s office you have to call three days before you want to go just to go on the day that you want to.”

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  • gpeccolo
    gpeccolo says:

    I took a friend to the Health and Counseling Center one weekend to get some stitches removed from her hand, but they were closed, so we had to drive all the way to a Walgreens Care Clinic. It sounds like there are some complications to getting health insurance on campus; I do think however that having the facilities so close is a benefit.

  • Michael Ferrero
    Michael Ferrero says:

    I think that this was a very interesting story, and it took into account many unique angles that defended and supported the use of DU’s Health Insurance. I believe that many students contemplate using their parents’ health insurance rather than the university’s, and this story provided benefits of both. I think that the video was used very effectively, and it brought light to an issue that many students do not have a great amount of knowledge about.

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