DU students take interest in broom ball

The University of Denver’s recreational department offers a myriad of intramural sports and leagues to participate in; the most popular sport is broomball.

Freshman Sam Garry takes a shot on goal during a broomball game in Joy Burns Arena on Feb. 14.

Broomball is essentially a mixture of soccer and hockey. It combines assets of both sports, and requires teamwork in order to excel.Teams consist of anywhere between seven and 19 players, and must be composed of both men and women. Each team is allowed five players on the ice at a time, including a goalie. Two of the players must be girls, and all players are required to wear a helmet. Players wear tennis shoes and attempt to hit the miniature soccer ball into a hockey net with sticks containing plastic ends.

Unlike all other intramural sports, broomball is a sport that is only played on ice. The students at the University of Denver have a special opportunity to participate in broomball leagues due to the facilities on campus that many other schools do not have. Games are played on the ice in Magness Arena, as well as in the Joy Burns center. Broomball is a unique sport that is not offered at many other schools. No other intramural sport at DU allows students to compete on the same surfaces as their peers who are on scholarship for a Division I sport. Magness Arena has been the home ice for many student-athletes who have taken their talents to the professional level. Once every few weeks, broomball players get the opportunity to take the same ice that has manufactured over 60 players of the National Hockey League.

“I think playing broomball would be a lot of fun,” said Chase Layton, a freshman student at the University of Northern Colorado. “We don’t have anything like that up here, so I think it would be fun to be out and running around on the ice.”

Broomball is growing in popularity

The interest in broomball has seen a dramatic increase from prior years. For the Winter Quarter of 2012, the University of Denver’s recreational department was forced to created multiple leagues in order to satisfy the demand of interested players. Due to the addition of the aforementioned leagues, the Winter Quarter witnessed 281 students register to play for 28 different teams. Due to the influx of many first time players and first time students, broomball is the largest intramural sport, in terms of participants, at the University of Denver. Players have the ability to compete in both recreational and competitive leagues, and were given the opportunity to register for the league that appealed most to their self perceived skill set.

Many students, such as freshman Sam Bibbey, enjoy the opportunity to dress up differently for each and every game.

Additionally, games are held on different days of the week in an attempt to attract more players. Those who have prior commitments arranged for Sunday evenings have the opportunity to participate in the Tuesday league; those who have prior commitments arranged for Tuesday evenings have the opportunity to participate in one of the two leagues that compete on Sunday afternoons.

Broomball possesses many unique qualities.

Another component of broomball that appeals to students is the comic relief it provides to the always hectic and gruesome collegiate schedule. It is a stress reliever to many students, and many of them sign up to have fun in participating in something they have never done before. The members of each team are all responsible for their uniforms, and many of them take it as an opportunity to dress up in outlandish clothing. Construction vests, tube socks, short shorts, custom designed and ordered t-shirts, false mustaches, inside-out shirts, clashing colors, and winter hats have all made their way onto the ice.

“Broomball is really fun because it is so much different than any other sport,” said freshman Hayden Johnson. “I think my favorite part of broomball is getting all dressed up with my team and wear funny outfits. It gives you a chance to display some nice fashion tips for everyone else to see.”

This broomball team has taken the opportunity to dress up in many different colors and clothing styles. Many of them believe that broomball gives them the opportunity to voice their personality while having fun playing a sport.

Students speak out about broomball.

“I love playing broomball,” said freshman student Kelli Nagai, “I just think it is so much fun to run on the ice in shoes. I also think it is really funny to watch people struggle and slip on the ice. It was also really fun to play against the law school team to see how good you can get over the span of four years.”

Many students have expressed an interest to stick with the sport throughout the duration of their college experience.

“I look forward to broomball every Tuesday night,” said freshman student Sam Bibbey. “It is a great way to spend a week night with your friends, and it is a really fun game unlike anything else I have ever played. It is a deceptively tough sport; it keeps you in shape. I like that there is a competitive division, and I am excited to compete with my team for the rest of my college days.”

Many students have also expressed that broomball is an effective way to stay in shape.

“It is a fun alternative to going to the gym on Tuesday nights,” said freshman student Amy Lee. “There is much more running involved than you would think. You gain a lot of balance, and you use your arms quite a bit. You have to be strong to use your body to keep people out of the way to get the ball. It is just an overall good time. I would recommend it to anyone, and if you don’t already play, you should sign up. It is guaranteed to be one of the most fun things of your college career.”


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    This was a very interesting story! I like the fact that you chose one sport to focus on instead of all of them, and broomball is by far the most unique sport that is offered. One thing I would have liked to see in here was perhaps an overview on how the sport is played instead of simply explaining why people like to play it etc. Overall very nicely done.

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