DU students get involved in greek life

One of the ways greek life members get involved in the community is through intramural sports

Ronald Regan, Condoleeza Rice, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Garner, all of these people are famous for something, however they were all also a part of greek life. On many college campuses greek life plays a large role, however members of sororities and fraternities also have battle many negative connotations that are associated with greek life. However, many of these stereotypes ring false.

“I joined [greek life] because I thought it would be a good way to get involved on campus and meet people,” Alpha Phi member Grace Mader. “After rush it just seemed like such a wonderful group of girls and I was so excited to get to know all of them.”

While many of the greek institutions are notorious for some of the parties they throw many of the sororities and their members are attempting to prove that they are more than this stereotype.
“We do so much on this campus that largely goes unnoticed by the non-greek community,” Mader said. “Being a part of a sorority gives you so many networking opportunities and volunteer opportunities, and it greatly impacts people outside of the Greek community.”
Members of greek life try to get involved in different activities, such as intramural sports and philanthropies, to promote a positive image for greek life and to give back to the community. Almost every chapter of a fraternity or a sorority has a certain philanthropy that they are dedicated to raising money for. For instance, the Delta Delta Delta chapter at the University of Denver puts on several events throughout the year that support St. Jude’s Hospital.
“There are so opportunities to volunteer that aren’t just for St. Jude’s,” Delta Delta Delta member Emily Dombroski said. “We have so many other opportunities such as The Ronald McDonald House, putting on things at the butterfly pavilion, partnering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma society, we give so much back to the community and it’s really cool that we all to it with one another.”
One of the most challenging parts of being a member of greek life is having to overcome many of the negative connotations that surround fraternities and sororities.
“I think there will always be negative connotations with sororities and fraternities,” Delta Delta Delta chapter President Molly Gasch said. “And it’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it is so I think you just have to realize why you’re in it and why you love it and put the other stuff aside.”
Greek life is not just a way to become involved on campus and in the community, for many members it is much more than that.
“It’s a really great way to meet people that you wouldn’t have before,” Gasch said. “You’re joining something bigger than yourself [when you join greek life], and I think that’s what’s so great about [greek life], especially when you meet the alumni you realize that [greek life] has been around for years and its nice to feel like you’re a part of something greater than yourself.”
Many of the students who are a part of greek life find that being a part of it gives them many opportunities that they would otherwise not have gotten.

One of the most challenging parts of being a member of greek life is having to overcome many of the negative connotations that surround fraternities and sororities.

“I have been given so many opportunities to lead that I would have never thought for myself,” Gasch said. “I would have never put myself as president, but my sisters in the sorority believed in me and I think that’s huge to have a whole group of people that support you.”

Molly Gasch

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