College Pets

College Pets– do the benefits outweigh the cons?

As college students finally living on our own, the decision to buy or adopt a pet is huge. With all of our typical day-to-day stress as college students, it’s hard to take care of yourself—not to mention taking full care of another living creature. I decided to focus my Final Cut Pro Slideshow on the responsibilities that come with owning a pet in college—the good, and the bad.

I decided to focus on one student pet owner specifically. Based on the nature of my topic, some of my photos were taken at an earlier date to tell a chronological story. However, there were many gaps left to fill, and I needed to go out and take several photos in order to tell a complete story. Before my interview, I prepared by outlining the topics I thought would be most interesting. After that, I cut up my audio so that it told a story that made sense and I story I found entertaining and interesting. I then laid out and labeled the photos I had already taken, and made note of the shots I still needed to get. This process worked well for me, and I had everything I needed when I sat down to put together my final product. The only thing I would do differently would probably be an additional interview to break things up a bit more. I used text to introduce the speaker, and myself and used the “cross dissolve” transition to transition from one topic to another.

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  • abgruber
    abgruber says:

    Really great video! I love how you have a good mix of picture of just the dog and the dog with the owner. I would have liked a little more background noise in the parts when the interviewee wasn’t talking, perhaps the dog barking or the sound of her paws on the floor etc.I though the fact that you used the photos to tell a chronological story and how the correlated with what the interviewee was saying, i.e. she has a different relationship with each of the roommates and there was a picture of her playing with one of the roommates. Overall a very well done video!

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