College students in Colorado’s most popular late-night eating spots

Similar to my After Hours: the culture of late night eating on college campuses piece, I wanted to show where students on Colorado college campuses go to eat when they are eating late at night. Late night eating is something that is prevalent on college campuses because students sleeping habits and their schedules are altered once they get to college.

Students are staying up later doing homework or out on the weekends drinking and these actions can instigate habits of late-night eating. At the University of Denver and University of Colorado at Boulder, students living on campus and off campus tended to still eat late at night and spend money.

I chose to go to Boulder and photograph all of the restaurants on Pearl Street and the Hill, two of the most popular sports for late-night eating. By taking pictures of the restaurants, I was able to see how many more restaurants are available for CU Boulder students than the restaurant choices at the University of Denver. I chose to interview Natasha in a quiet setting, as well as in Cosmo’s Pizza because I wanted to audience to get the feel of being in a restaurant setting but I chose not to do the entire interview in a restaurant setting because I thought it would be distracting. I also chose not to use music in my slideshow because I felt that it would distract from my interviewees, and putting music would not have been relevant in my project. I chose to take a lot of the picture

In this slideshow, I also wanted to see on average how much college students spend on a weekly basis for late-night eating. At Boulder, it seemed like students spent more of their own money when they were living in the dorms and students at the University of Denver who lived off campus did not spend as much money off campus, or if they did they tended to use their Flex money. If I could change this slideshow I would probably photograph more students in the restaurants, rather than just the signs; however, it was hard because I did not go to these restaurants late at night. One thing I would have changed was take more photographs of the actual food that students tended to eat so it was more realistic.

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  • Michael Ferrero
    Michael Ferrero says:

    I really liked the variety of photos that you used for this assignment. I liked how the picture showed what Natasha was talking about. I think that this is a topic that relates to all college students, and I found it to be very interesting. The only thing I would have recommended is trying to get a higher quality audio clip. Other than that, I thought it was very well put together.

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