CAC raises cancer awareness at DU

For my Final Cut Pro Audio Slideshow, I chose to feature the club DU Colleges Against Cancer (CAC). I wanted to let DU students know about this club so more people can get involved, whether it be because their lives have been affected by cancer in some way, or they simply just want to help a great cause. The photos that make up the slideshow are a mixture of some of the people already involved in the club, as well as events that the club has had in the past and hopes to continue in the future.

The photos I chose involve the co-presidents of the club so that people who view the slideshow know who they can talk to for more information. Also, I took pictures of where future events are going to be held, as well as where events in the past have been held. In addition I added pictures that show what the students involved in the group do, like setting up tables in Driscoll to promote events and their club. I chose the order that I did because it coincides with the interviews that I did with each of the co-presidents. Each of them told me why they are involved in the club, and also each spoke about a different event or fundraiser that the club participates in.

I added transitions between the photos because without them it seemed a little harsh by just cutting from photo to photo; this made it flow smoothly. I chose to exclude some of the photos I took because I had better ones that relayed the message that the club wants to get out to the DU community, which is to join and help our school fight for a great cause. If I ever have to do another audio slideshow I will probably approach it the same way because I did the interviews first and then gathered photos that matched the audio. However, next time I need to take more photos so I have a lot to choose from to make a better slideshow.

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