Expression and positivity through graffiti

For my slideshow, I focused on graffiti art. Rather than interviewing various graffiti artists, I decided to concentrate on one artist and asked him his thoughts about graffiti and the future of it. I felt as if my topic was slightly unconventional in the sense that I could not take literal pictures of what my interviewee said. Also it was difficult to take pictures of the artist’s work because he was kind of secretive about it or it did not exist anymore. The artist stated that in graffiti, artist always face the challenge of keeping their work up because often times it gets painted

over. So the artist sent me pictures of his artwork. The photos that I did take were of his sketches and him. On some sketches I took a close up picture of it. I did this because I wanted to focus on the details and patterns. On some other photos I took pictures of the entire sketch, sketchbook included. In these photos I wanted to capture the entire drawing. Also in some of these photos, there were art supplies surrounding it. I did this because I wanted to show the art materials that went into a drawing.
As for the order of the photos, I put them in a progression that kind of followed the interview. The artist gave some answers that were parallel to some photos. So when the photos and answers matched, I put them together. However, most of the photos do not follow what the artist said. Instead, they showcase the artist’s work. But I still put the photos together so that it flowed and that there was a blend of graffiti and sketches.
I like the quality and the kind of photos I took. However, I am disappointed at how the photos were smaller in the slideshow so the details in the photo are not as clear as I’d like them to be. I don’t understand what happened because when I saved the photos, I thought the photos were big enough. When I opened them in final cut pro, they filled the screen. But when I actually played my video, they were small.
As for my audio, I was unable to check out a recorder because I became sick when I was supposed to do the interview. Then it was difficult to reschedule because he was busy. So we emailed each other whenever we were available to find a time. Unfortunately I did not have time to check out a recorder and I had to use my phone. I feel as if the audio is not too bad for the most part because it is clear. However, there are still some parts that had static. Also, the interview took place in Starbucks because the artist was only able to speak with me in between his classes. As a result, we had to pick a spot that was convenient for him. Although there is background noise, I do not think it is too distracting from what my interviewee is saying. Also, while I was recording, I had headphones in so I could hear the audio. While I was listening, the interview was loud. But when I uploaded it to my computer, it was quiet. I think this happened because I recorded the interview on my phone and not on a recorder. For next time, I am going to conduct the interview in a quiet place and have a recorder.

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