Creativity and entrepreneurship on display at DU

I decided to do a slideshow on the Creativity and Entrepreneurship program at DU because I’m a part of it this year and I thought it would be a really cool program to profile. I wanted to get student input on the program and what they think of it, as well as the professor’s opinion on what the merits of the program are and how it can help prepare for a job in the future, even if it’s not necessarily in business.

I decided to use photographs from the retreat we took in September, as well as our ice climbing trip we took this weekend. Besides being visually dynamic, I think they really show how much fun we have as a group and how creative things can get outside of the classroom. I put the slides in order based on the audio; I had Natalie give kind of an introduction to the LLC, and I matched photos to what she was saying. The same goes for the professor. I chose sound clips that were the most straightforward and got across what I thought was the main message of the LLC. I decided not to incorporate a lot of text into the slideshow (except for the title and names) because in the demo slideshows it was kind of distracting and I really didn’t have any statistics to show.

refelct on photo, audio slidesow, what worked, what didn’t work, different;y same, what you learned, why you chose to include photos you did and exclude others

Overall, it was a really fun experience. What worked for me is that we have had these amazing experiences and that I’ve been able to capture them on camera, as well as the fact that there are people in the community that were willing to contribute to this piece. Besides the classroom, I can’t really think of anything that didn’t work, but I wish I had got more pictures of people during their down time; I found this hard to do because I felt like I was invading their personal space. I would definitely include all these outdoorsy pictures to generate interest in the LLC, but I would get more class pics in the future. I learned that I really need to get a nice camera (iPhones can only do so much). I chose to include some pictures and include others based on whether or not I liked the shots and whether they were relevant to the audio and slideshow as a whole.

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  • Rebecca Blaettner
    Rebecca Blaettner says:

    I really enjoyed watching your audio slideshow. I think you did a great job of composing your pictures with your interviews and the music. Everything fits very well together. The Ken Burns effect works very well with your pictures. Besides the photos that have people in them, you include some very nicely shot creative photos that definitely enhance the quality of the slideshow. The music you chose works also really well with your topic, the interviews you took are high quality and well fit with the photos you show. Very nice!

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