DU students enjoy broomball

For my FCP slideshow, I decided to take photos of broomball games as they were occurring. I wanted to compile a variety of images, and because of this, I decided to take both staged and candid pictures. Action shots of the game were the most compelling images, and it was the most effective way to show the energy that is present on the ice during a broomball game. I took pictures of players that were both close up and far away to get a few different perspectives, and each photo shows the fun and competitive energy that occurs in every broomball game. I also photographed the players that provided audio to the slideshow to provide clarity as to who was speaking.

I decided to take pictures of multiple games to give me more shots to chose from, and capture more shots of players trying to score. I also tried to balance the amount of candid shots with the amount of staged pictures, because I wanted the pictures to illustrate the balance between competitiveness and fun that occurs during each game.I also put a lot of pictures in a particular order to match the audio of the students I interviewed. I made it so that certain images appeared on the screen as they were being mentioned by a student. I also included text on a few slides to depict who was speaking.

Overall, I think this project went very well. I got a lot of great shots, and had a great time interviewing students to get their input about DU’s fastest growing and largest intramural sport. It was fun to photograph live games, and the willingness of each student to be in pictures made the experience even better. One thing that was rough, however, was capturing action shots with a point and shoot camera. There were a lot of photos that would have worked very well for this assignment, but came out blurry due to the lack of a camera that captures moving images. Had I had the resources, I would have taken the time to include more action shots taken by a camera with a shutter lens.

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