University of Denver: From 1864 to 2012

This Final Cut Pro project was one that I thoroughly enjoyed and was excited to do. I modified its concept a bit in the respect that I contacted DU’s Penrose Library in order to request permission to use historic photos of DU as well as my own photos, as opposed to using only my own.

I believe that the best way to understand DU’s history is by seeing some of its historic photos, and this drove my mindset behind creating the slideshow. This resulted in my attempt at creating before-and-after style photos (the historic photos recreated at about the same spot in modern times.) I absolutely love history, and as a result, researching and portraying the history of a place so important to me was an exciting and fun challenge.

I found that the photo ordering and placement was a bit of a challenge, however. I was not sure as to which pictures to show in a logical manner. The biggest “discovery” I made during the slideshow production was that it was better to present photos in an after-then-before manner, as opposed to a before-then-after. This, I believe, better created the correct mood and mindset in a DU student’s mind. In this order, the students first see the buildings as they are familiar with them now, and then they are surprised and interested to see the subsequent historic photo. It creates a better comparison mindset, whereas the historic photo first and then the new one would not elicit the same ideal reaction. Aside from that, I found that it was relatively easy and convenient to match what Cheyenne Michaels was saying about the buildings with pictures of those buildings.

In the future, I’d love to learn how to create a more ideal, professional slideshow. I believe that it still ended up a bit too long (and that some photos were ultimately displayed too long), and this is a problem that I would like to remedy. I’d also like to try taking audio first and then finding pictures, as opposed to having some pictures, taking some pictures, doing the interview, and then taking a few more pictures. I believe that this was one of my main mistakes in creating this slideshow, and it’s one that I would like to fix in the future.

Overall, however, this project was an extremely enjoyable one, and I hope that those who view it enjoy it.

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  • gpeccolo
    gpeccolo says:

    That was really interesting! I think it’s so cool to see how the campus used to look and what changes have been made. I know when I visited DU as a junior and senior I wasn’t totally in love with Penrose but it looks like it’s going to be really nice. I liked that you showed the buildings in their current state first because we know what they look like, as opposed to how they might have looked a little different in the past. Very in depth and very well done! 🙂

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