DU greek life battles negative stereotypes

For my first Final Cut Pro project I decided to continue with the topic I wrote my second story issue on, which was Greek Life at DU and how students are battling the negative stereotypes that are commonly associated with sororities and fraternities. While I have some knowledge of this topic, being in the Delta Delta Delta sorority it was difficult to try to get pictures of this, all of the sorority chapter meetings are closed door and I could not take pictures of them. It was also difficult because I could not get into many of the other sorority/ fraternity houses to take pictures, so most of the pictures I do have ended up being of the sororities.
Overall I think this was a great project to introduce us to Final Cut Pro because I do think it is a piece of equipment that we will need to know as we start to become more involved in the journalism world and it will help us in the future when we are trying to get an internship or a job in the journalism field.

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  • Ann Monaghan
    Ann Monaghan says:


    First of all, I think the topic that you chose was great and interesting to both greek and non-greek students. I think you did a good job selecting photos, and the music was a good addition to make longer stretches of photos less awkward to watch. Overall, I think you did a great job!

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