Inline hockey finds hardship season


I chose my photos based on how Gabe Morgione answered my questions of what the difference between this year and last year was and what do you have to do to get back to Nationals? He gave me some good answers, but to find the right matching photos was a little hard, so I played with the ones that I had to find the match that I thought would be best to the audio.

At the start of the slideshow however I did a voice over. I did this because Morgione did not talk too long which is partly my problem, and I did it because I felt that it would be good to have two voices in the slideshow instead of one. So I did the voiceover and then tried to get pictures that match it such as the one of the hockey sticks and the bag next to the sticks. I felt that they matched the audio pretty well.

I felt all these photos helped me show the club the best way possible. I feel as if these photos were the best ones of the ones that I had to choose from. There are action shots during games and then there are stills such as the hockey sticks. I think having the stills that aren’t action shots at the beginning sort of eases the viewer into the slideshow and then the action shots in the middle and end pick the pace up as it finishes out which is something that I like about the slideshow.

The process of building this could have went a lot smoother. I downloaded the trial version on a friend’s laptop and lost all my project, so it took a while to finish. I also should have planned out the process better, because I rushed getting photos which made me miss out on some good ones that I could have had if I would have taken my time in taking photos. If I took more now I would take some more of the games and the team on the bench talking to each other during breaks in the action, as I feel you can see emotion here that you can’t from behind the glass.

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