College Yogis Find Balance

My Final Cut Pro Slideshow Video interviews three college girls at DU who regularly practice yoga. All three talk individually about how they became interested in the physical activity and how it benefits them both physically and mentally. I tried to capture a lot of photographs both of the practice and of things having to do with yoga, such as the studio location, the studio key card, and mala prayer beads often used in yoga. Because my video has a very relaxed tone, I tried to keep the images at a slow pace to match the music. The music I found on creative commons very much suits the mood of the video, and I enjoyed editing it along with the interview audio and images.

Lindsey is a very active yogi, so I got mainly action shots of her. Ainsley takes a more prayerful approach so I have meditative shots of her as well as photos of the Core Power studio that she mentions. Edie is the most holistic yogi I interviewed, incorporating aspects of her practice into her every day life. I tried to capture portraits of Edie as well as yoga shots using my DSLR, and they definitely turned out the best.


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  • tastbury
    tastbury says:

    I like the variety of shots of the yoga poses. I also like how the pictures and what the people say don’t necessarily match up, but the pictures capture what type of yoga your interviewees prefer. It’s interesting how you had some pictures in black and white because I think that it adds to relaxing aspects of yoga.
    But I did find the music to be distracting sometimes because it would overpower what was being said. But when it wasn’t doing that, the music fit well with your topic.

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