Bob Yablans: The Heart of the Department

Bob Yablans is a senior support specialist at the University of Denver. Over the last 14 years he has worked his way up to his position he has today. Bob originated as the Director of Engineering for Mass Communications and Journalism Studies and is now the senior support specialist. Bob is known in this department for being an extremely upbeat and friendly person, and someone who loves his job.
Many faculty and staff would agree that Bob’s role in the Media Film and Journalism School is essential in managing the technology; however, students may not realize his significance. What makes him unique is that although his job requires a lot of attention, he is extremely passionate and constantly has a positive outlook about all of his work.

To his friends, Bob is a “techie” and he loves working with all of the gear in this department. He brings his “techie” persona to work everyday helping students and faculty understand all of the change that goes along with the technology in the Mass Comm building. “With technology, everyday there is something new and things are changing so rapidly,” said Yablans.In his interview Bob stated, “I love working with the technology and I really love working with the faculty and students. I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with people.”

Bob Yablans- Senior Support Specialist

When interviewing Dr. Derigan Silver, Assistant Professor of Media Film and Journalism Studies about Bob, he said, “He’s technically more of a film type engineer but it doesn’t matter what question you have if he doesn’t know something he will figure it out.”Since Dr. Silver’s office is right across the hall he feels lucky that he constantly gets to interact with Bob. “He’s always got a nice thing to say or interesting story to tell you,” said Silver.

Although Bob Yablans’ job revolves around equipment that often is not functioning, he keeps a positive attitude and his upbeat personality keeps him popular with students. He’s extremely outgoing and his door is always open for when people have questions. “They have so many questions and I love to be able to answer, I am always trying to ask the students, try and stump me with a technology question!” said Yablans.

Bob Yablans- Senior Support Specialist

When asked about how he maintains such a positive attitude about work he said, “Someone once said do what you love and love what you do and I truly love what I do and that allows me to be very happy in my day to day activities in my job because I truly love being here at the school.” The only time he’s not happy is when he has a lot of things that don’t work but Bob loves looking at the challenges and getting them fixed.
It’s easy to see why Bob Yablans is such an important person in the Media, Film and Journalism Studies department. He does a lot of behind-the-scenes work; however, he is well known in the department. When asking Derigan Silver about what he thinks about Bob he said, “In a lot of ways he’s from the heart of the department.”

3 Responses to Bob Yablans: The Heart of the Department

  • Alex Payne
    Alex Payne says:

    Bob is a very interesting man! He is always happy. I think that the video just reassured what I already thought about Bob. Nicely done!

  • Anna Dreiling
    Anna Dreiling says:

    I agree with Alex! You all did a great job of showing who Bob is and what he does for the department. It impressed me that you did the interviews first and then wrote the story — I think that takes a lot of skill. As I said in class, great quotes, great interviews. I liked it a lot!

  • Rebecca Blaettner
    Rebecca Blaettner says:

    I also think that you did a really good job portraying Bob and all that he’a about. The interviews were very well done and gave you a lot to work with. Considering the b-roll, Bob’s head was cut of at the top in some of the shots but that’s really the only thing I would like to see done differently. Great job!

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