DU men’s lacrosse keeps eye on the prize

After enjoying an exceptional 2010-11 season, DU’s men’s lacrosse team is back and better than ever. With an infusion of new and old talent, the Pioneers feel this could be the year they go all the way.

“Certainly our goal every year is to win a national championship,” said head coach Bill Tierney, who has worked with Denver since July 2009. “We know we’ve got the talent, and one of these days, we’re going to put it all together.

During the 2011 season, Denver won 12 straight games, a school record, leading the Pioneers to their Final Four debut. Despite the stellar season, the Pioneers still think there’s work to be done.

“We need to keep getting better,” said junior midfielder Chase Carraro. “We need to keep having guys step up day in and day out and if we keep doing that, we’re going to end up reaching our potential.”

There’s no “I” in “team”

In order to reach their goal of a national championship, the Pioneers have made it clear that reaching this goal is going to take all their effort combined.

“Being part of this team, it’s a lot about being a team player, whether you’re the last guy in the line-up or the first guy,” said sophomore defenseman Teddy MacKenzie.

Even when discussing their personal goals, the players stressed how they wanted to get better to help the team overall.

“I think each guy on this team looks at it pretty unselfishly,” said Carraro. “We’re looking more at team goals. Personally, my goals would be to just have a better year than I did last year and help the team out even more than I did last year.”

“Personally, I just want to improve every week to help the team, and then, as a team, I just want to kind of keep rolling so that we win a championship,” added freshman defenseman Nick Gorman.

The men's lacrosse team is currently 4-1, their only loss coming at the hands of Ohio State.

Elevating their game

The Pioneers’ team dynamic has been a great asset for newcomers.

“It’s a spectacular place, the coaches are unbelievable, the guys here have been amazing,” said MacKenzie, who transferred from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. “It’s just been an awesome transition.”

The transition to collegiate lacrosse hasn’t necessarily been easy, however.

“It’s a lot faster game,” said Gorman. “Preparing for teams each week is a lot more in-depth than it was in high school.”

In the face of these changes, Gorman is appreciative of Tierney’s coaching skills.

“I’ve learned a lot, just to keep trying. Even if you screw up, he’s going to give you another chance to keep working so you just got to keep trying everyday.”

Rising stars

After losing several defensemen to graduation, Tierney knew he would have to reorient the team for the 2011-2012 season.

“Our big worry going into the year was our defense,” said Tierney. “We knew we had a job to do with rebuilding that.”

The head coach cited freshman Carson Cannon as one of the standouts of the team this year.

“He has elevated himself from a nice kid from Minnesota to maybe our best defenseman,” said Tierney.

He also called freshman midfielder Wes Berg an up-and-comer.

“Wesley’s going to be a big time offensive player,” said Tierney. “Right now he’s getting his feet wet with the field game as opposed to indoor game up in Canada.”

In spite of the influx of new players, Tierney still has the same objective.

“Our goals are still the same; we just have to maybe do it a little different way this year,” said Tierney.

The teams to beat

"The offense has really been the group that we expected to really carry us for a while, and they’ve been making some mistakes lately ," said Tierney.

Denver is currently on the road for games against Penn State, Notre Dame and Cornell.

“You’ve got three highly ranked teams, three great teams,” said Tierney. “You want to win some of those big non-league games because they can help you in your seeding later on.

Denver, ranked No. 11/13 according to recent polls, pulled out a win over No. 10/10 Penn State on Mar. 10, with a final score of 14-6.

“The guys are working hard; I think they get more excited about these challenging games than they do about some of the lesser ones,” said Tierney. “We’re looking forward to going to state college and seeing what we can do.”






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    I like how you guys had a lot of interviews from the team, instead of focusing on one member. The sequence shots were smooth and it flowed well from one shot to the next. I liked the beginning of the video where you guys had a variety of action shots. The only bad part of your video was that in some of your interviews, it was difficult to see the interviewees’ face because of shadow/sun issues. But overall, this video had good shots and interviews and was made well.

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    I really liked how this was shot outside. It was great to be able to see all the action shots and I think you had a tremendous amount of B-role so there was a wide variety of things going on in the video. I liked that you interviewed a person from different grades because they have had different experiences on the team thus far. Overall I think you guys did a great job the only thing that was hard to see was the lighting sometimes!

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