The Pros and Cons of Dining at DU

The Pros and Cons of Dining at DU


Slideshow Written Reflection

            The slideshow topic I chose is a continuation of the on-campus dining options available to students at the University of Denver. I took pictures of both dining halls on campus (Halls and Nelson), of the dining options in Nagel Hall and the law school, the to-go options in the business school and the pub, the comment cards, and some of the flaws and common complaints students have of the on-campus dining. Some of these complaints were the lettuce, the poor vegan and vegetarian options, and the sushi on campus. I ended with a picture of the unfinished Penrose Library, which will provide more on campus-dining options in the future.

I wanted to tell a story sort of chronologically, starting with the places most frequented by students, then showing the most popular places for students (according to the students I interviewed for my issue story 1), and then some of the problems with Sodexo dining. I feel like it had a nice flow to it, as I started with more popular places, but then went on to places that are higher ranked by students. After showing some problems with on campus dining, I wanted to end on a positive note. The final picture of Penrose Library gives students hope that there will be better dining options in the future. While there may be problems today, hopefully changes will be made to cater to all students’ tastes in the future. 

The photos with students eating in them worked very well, as you could see some students enjoying their meal, and others not so interested. It always helps to have people in the photos. Some things that did not work are the photos with no people in them. In those cases it made more sense not to have students: when the Halls C-Store was not open at 2 pm, it showed how no students were near by because they were unable to purchase food. Many students I interviewed complained about the lettuce, the poor vegan options, and the sushi, so it also made more sense to have no students nearby because it helped confirm those opinions. However, I understand that it is a little boring to not have students in the photos, I just think that it made more sense for the situation. I chose to include the photos I did because it helped show a variety of places on campus, and the photos I excluded are less frequented places, such as the food carts in Olin Hall and the International Studies building, or Jazzman’s Café or Beans Café. I feel like I showed great variety and included the places most important to students. I learned that the more people in the photo, the better, it is just hard to always be at the right place at the right time, because everyday is different and students spread out all over campus.

My slideshow links up with the written Issue Story Number 1 because it included every place that I referenced in my written story. All the complaints, such as lettuce, sushi, hours of operation, comment cards, etc. I included, so it was very accurate with the students’ opinions. The photo project did not really inspire me to look at the issue differently because they usually supported the students’ opinions and common complaints. The hours of operation are absurd, the low quality of certain kinds of food definitely matched up to what students thought of it, and honestly it looks like fewer students are eating on campus at all, because I would go to Nelson at prime time, or about 6:20 pm when it is usually incredibly crowded, and now there are not that many people. It really showed how students want more from Sodexo, and until they get it they will find ways around it, such as eating off campus or getting food from the grocery store.

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  • Cory Lamz
    Cory Lamz says:

    I enjoyed the premise of your slideshow and how you explored all the dining options at DU, but I felt very disconnected from the photos. I wish you would have gotten more shots of students eating or engaging in the dining halls, that way the photos would feel more accessible.

    Some of the photos you did use, however, were well framed and interesting, especially the ones at the beginning of your slideshow – though the people in the photos weren’t the main focus. Good job!

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