College students have mixed feelings about life post graduation

My slideshow is a series of photos that conveys the topic of life after college and the pressures faced by students to do well academically. I wanted to convey the huge amount of time and money spent on college, so I got that photo of the books and the photo of students studying. I chose the photographs I took carefully because the topic is interesting but hard to convey in an interesting and aesthetically pleasing way. I wanted to create a creative variety of photos that told the story so it took a lot of planning for my photographs.

It was incredibly difficult to capture good photos of students studying as it is not necessarily an interesting activity. I photographed students studying in various locations from a lot of different angles. I wanted to capture all the books needed for school, I took about 20 shots of that stack of books to achieve the outcome that I have. I left out the photos that looked boring, I tried to keep them interesting with high variety of composition, angle, and content.

My slideshow links up with my written Issue Story 1 in that is presents the story in a different, more visually pleasing way. The photo project inspired me to look more into the costs and time students put into schools, the high pressure they feel, and the resources available on the DU campus to students.

2 Responses to College students have mixed feelings about life post graduation

  • Brian Lupo
    Brian Lupo says:

    I really liked your slideshow. I thought you did a good job taking pictures and they correlated with all the captions. I also thought the statistics were really informative and good. Like the one about 11% of students getting quality sleep. I can definitely attest to that. Also the one about 85% of post graduate success being about people skills was good information, because a lot of people, including myself probably didn’t know that. Also I like that your presentation ends on a positive note, with a graduate stating it was worth every penny.

  • Di Yao
    Di Yao says:

    You did a great job and I really like your slideshow. The numbers you use in the caption are very good. I really like your Slide #2, 4, 11and 13. I like the angle and how you frame them.

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