The prevalence of fake IDs at DU

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For my powerpoint slideshow I chose to shoot a variety of photos that related to fake IDs and underage drinking.  I followed the guidelines of having the slideshow match up with issue story number one by planning before I shot what different components of my story I wanted to capture.  I scanned my issue story and picked out the crucial parts of the feature in order to figure out what I wanted to shoot for the slideshow.  Since my subject was slightly more difficult to shoot I knew I had to be proactive and go out into the community to take photos, which was a great experience.  I am pleased with all of my photos that I incorporated into the slideshow and even though I only have twelve, I felt that was appropriate for my project in particular because these were the highest quality shots that I took and I feel that they illustrate my issue story in an effective way.   The only aspect of my photo taking process that didn’t turn out the way I wanted was the shots that included people.  In my project it is evident that I only have two pictures of people and that is the one major flaw in my opinion.  It was certainly a struggle that I had with the photo taking process because it was difficult to both take a quality photo and conceal the identity of the subject.

The overall message and structure of my slideshow ultimately covers the three components of my issue story which are the consequences of using a fake ID, fake IDs and technology, and underage drinking and fake IDs.  For the consequences of using fake a ID I incorporated pictures that illustrated the lack of knowledge among DU students about the dire consequences of being caught with a fake ID and providing quotes from the head of student conduct at DU, an underage student that was unaware of the consequences, and the facts about getting caught with a fake ID with the state.  The next three photos illustrated the technology by showing a picture of an ID and then two pictures of a liquor store featuring quotes that tell the viewer how technology has affected the fake ID business.  The section dealing with underage drinking both incorporates quotes as well as statistics on underage drinking in different pictures.  The pictures themselves I thought illustrate how fake IDs can lead to underage drinking and thus dangerous situations.  For example there is a picture of Crimson & Gold Tavern and there are two cars parked outside and the text provides statistics about injuries and underage drinking.  Then to conclude the slideshow I chose to include a quote talking about how fake IDs are more prevalent at DU then other schools.  The photo itself is of a student drinking alcohol, which is how I started the slideshow.  I did this purposely to illustrate how students have become unaware of the consequences of both being caught with a fake ID and underage drinking and how it has become a problem at DU.

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  • Brian Lupo
    Brian Lupo says:

    Your slide show was really good and informative. The picture were done nicely especially the one of the border, and a lot of the info was very important for students with fakes to know. Like facing a $1,000 fine and serving a year in prison. Also Kristin Olsen’s statements on people’s info being taken for people trying to enter the country illegally was really interesting. I hadn’t even thought of before I read it on your slide show. Nice job.

  • Di Yao
    Di Yao says:

    Your slideshow is great. I like the colorful pictures and informative captions. You did a great job.

  • Taylor Cedarholm
    Taylor Cedarholm says:

    conner, i thought that you did i nice job getting a wide variety of photos to go with your theme of fake id’s. I also thought that the captions matched up very well with your slideshow. Overall i was very interested throughout the whole slideshow and i think you did a very nice job.

  • Brendan Cronin
    Brendan Cronin says:

    Great job on the variety, as well as the great angles. The information you added is very interesting and important. Although we heard in class that pictures without people are boring, I think that in this case it would have been hard to have a lot of pictures with people due to the topic. Therefore, I think you still did a great job captivating the audience without including several pictures with people. Again, great job!

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