Zumba: Group fitness that’s not just for female students

Writing Reflection:

The topic of this photo story is the lack of men enrolled in Zumba classes at the University of Denver and its associated gender division. I used photos of women in the class, a photo of a male runner at Wash Park and two photos of Nick Pisciotta, one the men who attends the class – one extreme close-up and one of his face.

My goal was to convey the gender disparity within the class, exploring why and providing strong visual examples of female-oriented choreography to offer insight as to why men do not take the class. I also wanted to illustrate how healthy Denver and the University of Denver were through these images.

The photos I chose were dictated by these two goals. I did run into one difficulty though: since no men attend the class typically, I truly struggled to find shots of men. While initially I had planned to include photos of men weight-lifting at the gym, I felt that that inclusion would district from the focus of Zumba within the piece. Interestingly, the absence of male photos relates back to the story itself, but I do wish I was able to photographs of men in the DU Zumba class.

Next time I will be much more aware of my subtextual implications of my photos create. While my next project is drastically different than this one in topic, I will be sure to not only be aware of what certain photos say and what other photos don’t – and how not including photos is as much a conscious decision as including them is.

My slideshow provides a visual context to my Issue 1 story. In fact, I think the visuals do a better job of illustrating just exactly what Zumba is, since so few people are actually aware. I was inspired by the multiple photo opportunities truly available when I was photographing the class itself, so, in looking at what photos I should and should not include, I paid particular attention to the layout of my slideshow. I hope to be equally inspired by the visuals of my next project.

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