Romantic relationships among college students

Relationships among college students

I chose to write my story on romantic relationships among college students. I focused on a few couples, two of which go to DU and another couple whom attend the University of Wyoming. The basis for this slideshow was basically to see the ways in which romantic relationships may affect the average students life during college. There are many different aspects to college that are hard to get a hold of and I feel as though this is a huge part of many college students lives.

Through this slideshow I decided to add pictures of not only the couples that I interviewed, but also other photos that I thought related to this topic. For example, I went to Washington Park and took pictures of nature and people in a natural setting. I thought this would be an appropriate place because a majority of DU students spend their free time in places such as this around campus and it is a good place to photograph people with a nice setting around them. I also tried to incorporate photos of students and close ups of people because I thought that relates to the topic of love which was a theme in the story.

I struggled with getting photos of people, mainly couples, because I wanted to photograph them with out it coming off as them posing. It was also very difficult to try and think of other photos that didn’t involve people that would relate to my topic. Next time I think I would spend more time brainstorming before I went out to photograph so I had a better idea of the types of pictures I wanted to take. I learned that it is difficult to turn a news story into a slideshow just by using pictures and quotations. It can be very difficult to portray a story into photos, but it was also very enjoyable at the same time.

I think my slideshow links up to the issue story because I tried to make the photos follow the same progression and I tried to link up common themes of each photo to the themes in the story. I talked about several different aspects of relationships and the way they might affect college life styles and I feel as though I included all of those aspects in my story as well. I think that my slideshow didn’t make me see my issue much differently, but it defiantly put it into perspective for me.

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  • Connor O'Halleran
    Connor O'Halleran says:

    I thought your slideshow was really well done. The progression of the captions/photos work really well and they tell a story in this way. I thought the variety of pictures was good by incorporating pictures with people and without. Great work!

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