How to deal with Social network checking before hiring?

Be wise on using your own social network

Jenny Li's Facebook page. According to Jenny, she had almost hundreds of pictures on her page.

More and more people have been asked for their personal social network accounts or even the password during or after the hiring process. Employer will check on your social background before him or her make the final decision. Social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

“ I definitely don’t want people to look through my personal social work, I want to keep my private life privately,” said Jenny Li, a senior communication studies and psychology student who is studying in University of Colorado, Boulder. “ It was the least for me to offer my password to someone that I don’t really know.” Said Li.

“ In my point of view, I think it is unnecessary for company to peek at employees or future employees’ personal social network. I think companies need to show more respect and trust to their employees. If they don’t trust me, I can’t trust them either.”Said Li.

Be prepared! Someone is watching you!

Companies now officially required a social background check before they are willing to hire. It is not surprise for interviewees to hear social background checking.

Fei Li, a PhD. Student at University Southern California wrote in email, “ I went to several interviews before, but only a few companies ask for you social network account or password. Most of the companies don’t care that much about your personal life. As an employee, I am not panic at all because I have nothing to hide about.”

“One thing that I am terrified about is my photo. I did have some ridiculous pictures were taken by my friends, We just do something silly and fun together and enjoying being silly and young, but other than that, I am totally fine with checking.” Wrote Li.

Heavy social network user such as Jenny Li is not willing to show too much personal information to potential employer.

Is it ethical?

“ I don’t think it is good idea to check social media sites on new employees as I feel that is their personal life and should have some privacy.” Said Dale Richardson, was the Chief Executive Officer at Cheyenne Physician Group for two years.

“ I as an employer, I have never checked social networks before hiring. However, I do know that a lot of employers do look at social media such as Facebook and Linkedin to scope out potential employees and see if there is a fit.” Said Richardson, who is looking for a better job somewhere in the East Coast himself.

“ It is lucky that someone ask you for your information, some of the employers never even ask if they can check, they look without approval. However, Linkedin gives you opportunity to check who has been looking at your profile, so you will know that if the potential employers are looking.” Said Richardson, “ It sounds unbelievable, isn’t it?”

While Checking social background is becoming a normal step in hiring process before among the employers. However, In May, 2012, Maryland past a law that makes Maryland the first state to ban employers from requiring employees or job applicants to provide access to their personal digital/social media accounts. California along with other states and the federal government may soon follow Maryland’s lead.

Everything relates to the social network background checking will come to an end under the law protection. No matter who they are, it is not okay to violence the law to check on your social network ever again.

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  • Taylor Cedarholm
    Taylor Cedarholm says:

    I think this is a very interesting topic because it is something that all college students around the country have been dealing with recently. I think it is eye opening because everyone should be aware of what they are posting on the internet and that anyone can see it. I thought you did a nice job of covering this topic.

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