Students flock to Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta $1 Slice Night near DU campus

With this audio slideshow I wanted to tell others about the joys of $1 Slice Night at Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta on Evans Avenue. Through my slideshow I follow one restaurant-goer’s experience at slice night, from a student perspective, as well as from one of the pizza maker’s perspective.

I sought to do a more feature-oriented piece about the night. I feel as if the photos themselves both contribute to the fast-paced nature of the two-hour span of $1 Slice Night as well as the cultural experience – fun, student-oriented and delicious.

I chose to photograph what goes on at $1 Slice Night – who’s there and who’s working. Luckily, the staff at Anthony’s allowed me to go behind the counter and take photos of what other people don’t see. It was a very eye-opening experience. Using the photos, I sequenced them in such a way that takes the viewer through the night, from walking into Anthony’s and standing in line, to eating your pizza and leaving. The audio also reflects this process.

Following the first draft of this project, I did need more audio from a $1 Slice Night restaurant-goer. Fortunately, I was able to find someone who, as it turned out, has been to $1 Slice Night a whopping 81 times! It was perfect. As far as photos go, I do wish I was able to include more photos of the Anthony’s staff in action during the night, but they were so busy that many of the photos, ones which I didn’t use, were not intentionally blurry. (However, the photos which did have blurry aspects were included to illustrate the motion of the subject.)

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