Sports help students relieve stress at DU

For my Final Cut slideshow I decided to show how students at DU use sports and physical activity to relieve stress. I composed my slideshow with a variety of shots from stressed students, to the Ritchie center where they work out, to photos of the students actually taking part in the sports. I was trying to tell a story of how students relieve stress through sports offered on campus at DU.

I use photos of stressed students and different sports at the Ritchie center to create the slideshow. I think the photos and audio combine to show the stress relieving power of sports. By going from a stressed student, to testimony from each individuals experience in using sports to relieve stress, and then ending on a happy student I really think the story comes across well.

Some of the photos that I felt were crucial to the piece were the ones in the beginning of students showing them overloaded with work and stressed out, because this helps set the tone. Then I move on showing the Ritchie center, where students go to work out. Then I show all the sports available there.  I try to have the audio match all the shots, so next I go sport by sport with interviews on how each sport is used as a channel to relieve stress. Choosing photos had a lot to do with matching images with the audio. When Kevin Friedman says he liked seeing the ball go in the hoop, I showed a shot swishing through the net. When he talked about defense I through in a defensive shot, then when he said he likes to pass, I put a shot of a nice pass. When Sandrolini talked about the feeling of getting an ace, I showed a serve. And at the end when I discuss sports leading to happiness I end on the smiling face of a student playing tennis. My photos were very much influenced by the audio, but I also chose the ones I thought where the most aesthetically pleasing and created a good story. For audio I also decided to add a song, because I felt that the light tempo was relaxing, which is appropriate for a story on stress relief.

Building the slideshow actually went really well. I was able to pick up a lot of tricks in Final Cut, and was able to create the slide show with relative ease. I spent a lot of time to try and get the audio balanced and synched with the photos, which I thought paid off in the end. I also thought I made a huge stride from issue story number 1 in my ability to be comfortable shooting people I did not know, and asking for permission to shoot inside private places. I also made sure to take much more pictures, which is something I will continue to do in the future. Overall I thought the photo aspect went significantly better than my first shoots.  One thing I learned was that when interviewing I need to keep the same mic intensity, setting, and distance to help get the audio around the same level on import. But to be honest with the final cut edit abilities it did not seem to be that big of a problem. Overall I think the assignment went very well.

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