The Arvada Skatepark


For my final cut slideshow, I chose to focus on the Arvada skatepark in Arvada, Colorado.  The park was opened this spring and I noticed that more and more students from DU were making the 20-minute drive to Arvada.  I chose the two people in my interview because they are two students that go to Arvada on a weekly basis and are both longtime skateboarders.  One thing that was certainly challenging in terms of the photographic process was that I shot my photos before I recorded the audio.  It actually was not as big of an issue as I thought because I basically did the process in a reverse order by laying down the slideshow first with the variety of pictures I had, and then I formulated the questions I was going to ask the interviewees somewhat according to the pictures.

I did the specific organization of photos by first introducing the park itself by narrating myself.  The next set of photos is focused around the first interviewee and the pictures were mostly centered around the bowl section of the skatepark.  I then had about a 20 second gap between the interviews and then the second one is mostly focused around the park aspect of the skatepark, which is more centered around rails and boxes.  I am pleased with how the slideshow turned out and there are only a couple things that I would have changed.  I think one slight flaw in the slideshow is the audio of the interviewers because the way I recorded it made it a little more difficult to edit once I got into final cut.

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  • Brian Lupo
    Brian Lupo says:

    I really like your topic. I have a lot of friends who have been going to Arvada recently and they echo everything your interviewees say about it being the best skate park. I thought you did an awesome job matching your photos and audio. I enjoyed your photos too. The ones with the shadows under Lukas in the bowl.I also like the shot of the skater hitting the rail. I think you did a great job mixing shots from close up, to medium, to long range, and I also got a really great idea of what the skate park had to offer based on the photos you use.

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