College students switching from alcohol to marijuana

For my Final Cut project, I decided to interview someone about how a lot of college students are switching from alcohol consumption to marijuana. I interviewed a University of Colorado Boulder student. My interview isn’t great, it’s pretty wordy and not to the point. Unfortunately, I was not able to obtain another interview from him. I tried to get an interview with a DU student but they were hesitant to be interviewed but helped with photos.

I really struggled with picture ideas a lot with this project. The photos of weed and alcohol were easy to obtain but other ideas were hard to come up with. I have far less photos than necessary. I kind of regret not switching my topic because pictures were difficult to get. I wasn’t sure how to depict a lot of the things he was saying in a creative manner.

I used a variety of shots and tried to stay creative with my photo ideas. I used photos of weed and alcohol, obviously. I used the condoms when he mentioned safe sex. I know this isn’t my best work but I did try to create a visually pleasing slideshow to accompany the audio.

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  • Brian Lupo
    Brian Lupo says:

    I really liked your video. I think this is a very important issue. With all the health related problems it is important that students realize that weed is a safer alternative in terms of recreational drug use than is alcohol. As mentioned in your post marijuana is easier to use and maintain school work, and i also know it is a good alternative for athletes, because there is less damage done to the body, and they don’t have to deal with the high calorie intake that the monitor in their strict diets.The project itself was also well done.I liked the way your audio matches with the photos, and how you took the photos. It must have been hard to get all the shots related to marijuana due to both the state and colleges outlawing of the drug. Nice job!

  • Brendan Cronin
    Brendan Cronin says:

    I also really liked this slideshow since it is a very prevalent issue on campus. While the topic is taboo for many, showing the true differences between alcohol and marijuana is a very important issue, and one that everyone should be aware of. I think that the interviews with the athletes were very valid, and showed a different ide of the story that many others might not see. I liked the photos and interview, and think your information was great. Good job!

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