The Life of an RA

Final Cut Pro Reflection

            The topic I chose for my Final Cut Pro slideshow was the life of an RA at the University of Denver. I wanted to tell a story of all the duties an RA has and how it can be difficult at times to do their job and still balance all the other duties they have in their life outside of being an RA. I started out with a picture of my RA Nermina in front of her door, followed by a picture of all the RA’s in JMAC to show the diversity they have. I took a picture of Nermina with a student to demonstrate how they are there for the students on their floor to talk about anything. Then I showed a picture of another RA on my floor, Jackie, helping to provide lockout keys and manage mailboxes. RA’s must watch the front door of the dorms, so I had a picture of Jackie doing that too. RA’s do rounds at night, so I had a picture of Jackie and another RA walking the halls and then knocking on a door. RA’s put up bulletin boards monthly, so I had a picture of Nermina putting one up.

There are weekly meetings where all the RA’s get together so I had a picture of them looking at the camera, and then working issues out together. I had a picture of an RA getting upset that the kitchen is dirty, and then another one of them scolding a student for not tidying up after themselves. I asked Jackie what she liked most about being an RA so I had a picture of her smiling, and then a picture of her being there for a fellow student. I had a picture of them talking, and then of them giving each other a high five. Nermina talked about how it is hard balancing life outside of being an RA because of all her duties, so I took a picture of a clock to refer to their time management skills. I took a picture of Jackie stressed out to demonstrate how busy they are. I took a picture of the Nelson RA staff to also show the diversity there is. I asked Jackie if she would be an RA again, and she said she would not so I took a picture of her asleep at the front desk. She said certain tasks are tedious like bulletin boards, so I took a picture of her putting up a bulletin board, and then one of her staring at her phone bored because she is on duty.

I feel like these pictures helped tell a story, and I feel like it has a good flow to it. I start out with the facts about what RA’s have to do, and then I saved my interviews for last so that they could back me up and show that they do have a lot of tedious tasks they must perform to keep their job. I used text for the title, and to describe what was going on in certain pictures, such as when Jackie is using a lockout key, and how they must sort mail for the mailboxes. I then used text to show the questions that I asked the RA’s, so that viewers understood what they were talking about and what questions they were answering.

I think that the slideshow building process worked well. I wish I could have made it longer to include more interview questions that I asked as they gave out additional interesting information. I also might have liked to add transitions, but I did not really know how to do that. I also thought about using music, but I just feel like it might have been too much to use music as well as audio from my interviews and my facts. I learned a lot about what it takes to be an RA, and how challenging it can be to manage your job as an RA as well as school, other jobs, and a social life. I ended up feeling very happy with the photos I used, at first I had a lot of pictures without people so I knew that that had to change, and I am glad it did. I am proud of my work on this slideshow.


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  • Di Yao
    Di Yao says:

    It is a well-organized story about the life of RA in the dorm, and you come up with various photos. It also has the benefits and drawbacks of being a RA. You did a great job!

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