Students struggle with parking availability around campus

For my final cut slideshow I decided to go along with the same topic from my issue story #2 regarding parking issues around DU’s campus. I really enjoyed writing about this topic and I figured I would be able to take a variety of different photos to go along with my story. I conducted my interview with the parking manager at DU for my issue story so I already had an interview for the slideshow, which really helped out the process a lot. For my photos I went through my issue story and wrote down certain photos that I thought would go along with the story very nicely.

I really enjoyed working with this project, I thought it was very interesting to watch my issue story come to life through photos and audio. I did have some issues choosing what dialogue i wanted to use and how I should in corporate some of the photos that I took, but overall it was a pretty smooth process. I also thought it was a simple way to get more experience with final cut pro before we have to conduct our video projects.

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