The BFA senior exhibition

The University of Denver is giving students at the school of art and art history the chance to display their artwork at the Victoria H. Myhren Gallery from May 17th to June 8th.

The BFA senior Exhibition is currently taking place at the Victoria H. Myhren Gallery from May 17th to June 8th at DU.

The BFA senior exhibition is the culmination of six student artists work that they have been working on throughout the year and are finally getting the opportunity to put their work on display to the public.

Samantha Carantit, a senior art gallery director, gave a description of the process the students went through in creating their art that is currently being displayed.

“The BFA exhibit happens every year and it is exhibiting a handful of students that are presenting their final projects.”

Anna Estes, another senior gallery director, said that the exhibition is a meaningful experience for the artists that are featured.  Estes said, “It’s the culmination of their last years work and often times work they have been working on for the last four years.”

Faith Williams, an artist that is featured in the exhibition, said that there are a variety of artists with different artistic focuses featured in this years exhibition.

“So there are a variety of students that are being represented in this show. There are three of us that are studio art based, two that are digital art based, and there is one art conservation student,” Williams said.

Williams spoke about the themes in her artwork and about what she plans to do in terms of pursuing a career in art.  Williams said, “The message of my artwork is specifically exploring what I call human disconnectivity, so the themes in my work are looking at war, the atomic bomb, chaotic riots, terrorist attacks, death and things like that.”

Faith said themes are actually really heavy topics, so she strives to make her work more accessible to viewers.  One of the ways she implements this is with a piece of art that features crosses, which is more subtle but still is a representation of what she is trying to convey.  Another piece of art Williams has in the exhibition deals with the same themes and from a distance it appears like a group of black blobs, but once the viewer is drawn in they see the terror of war and chaos.


Six student artists from a variety of different artistic backgrounds have their work on display during the BFA exhibition.

Before students get the chance to hang their art in the gallery they provide proposals to senior art gallery directors that help guide them through the installation process.

Anna Estes said that setting up for the exhibit, “Is a very long process.  First we get proposals from the artists saying what their proposal for their set up is in terms of dimensions, what they need for lighting, what they need to be hung and what they need to accompany that.”

Estes also says that they are responsible for creating the layout, setting up the walls, and painting the whole exhibit, along with helping artists with any other technical issues they need help with.

Anna Estes said that several BFA students want to pursue a career in art after graduating. “This is a really good opportunity for them to get a feeling of what being a professional artist is all about, the process, and what they are expected to do and I think they are featured pretty prominently,” Estes said.

Faith Williams said about her career in art after college, “I love art, it is something I have always been interested in so I definitely want to pursue a career in the world of art.”

Estes said about the BFA exhibition, “It’s fun


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