SAE at University of Denver returns with second annual Autumn Classic

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This November marks the second annual benefit concert, the Autumn Classic, hosted by Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Denver.  Last year the event raised nearly $4,000 last year for the Gordie Foundation, a charity focused on preventing alcohol abuse and hazing.

This year the artists feature up-and-coming DJ’s TheFatRat, Pruitt, and DJ Mike Deez and is being sponsored by  The event will be taking place at Casselmans Bar and Venue, a location that Sigma Alpha Epsilon has become very familiar with over the past years.  This year a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Children’s Hospital of Colorado Foundation.

Although the Autumn Classic is moving from the Gothic Theater on South Broadway to Casselmans in downtown Denver, the event should prove to deliver the same results as its inaugural year did.  SAE will be selling tickets on DU’s campus and online.

What’s the point?

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Autumn Classic proves to be just one instance of how Greek Life organizations at DU gives back to the community in their own individual ways.  Greek Life as a whole is often given a poor reputation and receives negative stereotypes regularly.  There are many parts of Greek Life that are often overlooked, and philanthropy is one of them.

At DU, there are many efforts being made by Greek organizations to contribute to charities or work with philanthropies regularly.  Just a few examples are the Delta Zeta sorority with their “Big Man on Campus” event for charity, sorority Gamma Phi Beta’s “Spagammi,” and fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha who annually hosts a benefit concert called “Mustache Bash.”  Guy Sutherland of SAE, when asked about how philanthropy plays a role in Greek life stated, “I definitely believe that there is a lot of philanthropy work that goes on in the Greek community, and I can safely say that SAE has personally provided me with many more opportunities to help out the community.”


Behind the Curtain

Greek organizations require full participation for anything they plan on organizing, whether it be a major event or even just a simple exchange between a fraternity and a sorority.  As for the events like SAE’s Autumn Classic or Lambda Chi’s Mustache Bash, full participation could mean the success or failure of such an event; promotion is difficult and it requires a special team of people willing and able of promoting to a large audience.  Greek organizations have this exact potential to promote an event of any kind to a full campus, ranging from either a small school such as DU or a much larger school like CU Boulder.

Here at the University of Denver, promotion for an event large or small requires full effort from everybody involved.  Although the Greek life community at DU remains at about 25 percent, the majority of said students are actively participating in community service or assisting with philanthropy events.


What does this mean to a DU (or potential DU) student?

In short, Greek life presents a major aspect to the social life at the University of Denver.  Negative stereotypes are constantly placed upon fraternities and sororities; Greek life certainly enjoys parties, tailgates, etc., but the philanthropic efforts of these organizations continue to be overlooked.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Autumn Classic may just be one of many representations of how Greek life at DU continues to strive in terms of a social life aspect while giving back to the community.  However, this is just one of many events that fraternities and sororities conduct on campus that benefit the community outside of DU.

I believe that anybody who has interest in a Greek organization can be provided with potential leadership skills or could discover uncovered talents through brother or sisterhood.  When speaking with Jared Berg, former SAE Eminent Archon (President) and 2012 Fraternity President of the Year, he mentioned, “I learned that a leader without passion has no reason to lead and can never do as well as someone who truly cares not about the position, but about the organization.  SAE provided all the passion I ever needed for an organization, and Greek life gave me a community in which I could thrive as a leader.  I achieved a lot during college, but the milestones we reached together as a fraternity were by far the proudest moments of my college career.”


Autumn Classic?

At this point, you may be able to tell I support Greek life at the University at Denver.  Although Greek life may be the minority at DU, it plays a major role in every students’ social life.

With that being said, Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Second Annual Autumn Classic will support the Children’s Hospital of Colorado Foundation this year.  SAE’s upcoming event is just the beginning of many events throughout the year that will focus on benefitting charities.

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