Students persevere without library

Students study in driscoll library, as construction of Penrose continues     As Penrose Library construction tears the DU campus in two, students continue with their studies and persevere without the staple study climate once provided at the University of Denver.

According to the Penrose website, the library reconstruction should finish by the end of January. Until then, students will have to seek help and research in the Driscoll Center.

“It’s pretty unfortunate, especially because in Korbel, the school I’m in, doesn’t have study rooms, so it’s pretty inconvenient.” Said, International Studies graduate student, Micky Lendenmann. “I have to work around it. “

With the ever deepening school year, new procedures to request research materials and lack of study space could cause increased difficulties for students.

During construction, all research materials and books from the library are being stored in Aspen Hall and in an off-campus storage facility. Current students must request research materials and research appointments beforehand through the Penrose website. Students must also work through the local library system.

“It’s just a hassle,” Said Rhiannan Price, an International Studies graduate student, “but otherwise I think that DU has done a really good job in making sure those resources are available elsewhere.”

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