DU students utilize Career Center, networking to prepare for job market

This slideshow is meant to tell the story of how well University of Denver graduating seniors do when it comes to finding a job after they finish their respective undergraduate programs. The slideshow is meant to correspond closely with how students utilize what resources are available to them to find employment when they graduate. These resources include DU’s Career Center, job databases and job postings on pin-up boards.

The photos also depict ways in which undergraduate students can get ahead of their competition, as well as some challenges they may face. For example, photos show students preparing to take career assessments, which are offered by the Career Center, and setting up appointments to work with counselors on skills like résumé building, writing cover letters and practicing their interviewing skills. Other students are shown networking and cold calling potential employers, which also may help DU students get a leg up on the competition when they enter the job market. The slideshow is also meant to show certain challenges DU graduates may face, such as underemployment or having to work two jobs to make ends meet.

I chose to photograph students in various stages of networking, searching through databases, setting up appointments with Career Center counselors and even preparing for job interviews because I felt like showing students actively engaging in what is needed to obtain a job post-graduation is the most important element to depict in order to get my story across. For challenges students may face, I chose to photograph working professionals and skyscraper office buildings downtown to depict the reality that many students may only be able to work in their field on a limited basis. I also chose to photograph an internship and job posting board to show what students may have to look at to get ahead in the career world. Another photo depicting a résumé, job application, pen and notebook was meant to show all the different components that may go into finding a job post-graduation.

The photographic process for me was somewhat challenging, but also very engaging. I found myself having to re-take many photos to get something that was clear and in-focus. I also spent many hours taking photos, trying to capture students and working professionals in action so that I could get more aesthetically pleasing and interesting photos. One thing that worked well for me was taking photos from different angles and shooting people in action. One thing that didn’t work well for me was struggling with focusing and trying to take photos while moving. I quickly learned that I needed to stand still, hold the camera steady and take the same photo many times to get the photo well-done and in-focus. I also took over 240 photos total. I chose the 12 I did because after going through every photo, I found that they were the best quality and told the story I was trying to tell in the most engaging way possible.

Overall, my slideshow worked well with my issue story. Although not much of the content changed, the photos did change some of the perspective I had on the issue because they show not only students actively doing things to find employment, but also working professionals in the field. Ultimately, the photos I took of buildings and people in downtown Denver showed me that it might be difficult to reach the professional level and working status, but it is not impossible. It will definitely be worth it for students once they arrive there. The photo slideshow also helped me see the lengths students must go to in a new light, because I saw the strenuousness of students setting up appointments, looking at job postings, preparing for interviews, networking and even cold-calling employers, all with the real possibility of being underemployed or only receiving part-time employment anyway. The photos show the stress students go through, and that is really one of the most important elements of my message.


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  • Ian Anderson
    Ian Anderson says:

    As a student the idea of getting a job and entering the real world is always kind of terrifying and too soon. Your slideshow really did a good job at showing all the tools available to DU students who are soon to enter the job field. I really liked how you had different statistics comparing the percentage of students getting jobs after graduation at DU versus the national average. It really highlights how much the school does to help its students succeed after graduation.
    In your slideshow I also really liked how the pictures match up well with what the caption is describing. Also it was nice how you used pictures of the people you were talking about as well as using quotes from them.

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