Students looking forward to upcoming ski season after poor showing last year


My issue story focused around skiing and whether or not last year’s poor ski season will affect students wanting to ski this upcoming ski season. The first few photos in the slideshow are put there to show some of the effects of the dry winter. I used a picture of some of my skis that got banged up pretty bad after last season to show how terrible the conditions were. Also I took a picture of Mt. Werner in Steamboat hazy from smoke to show how the drought had just as devastating results on the state this summer. Then I tried to showcase different ski areas through a combination of pictures of the resorts themselves and skiers at the resorts. Through this I really tried to show a variety of ski areas as well as show students skiing at these popular resorts. I then focus on the Epic Local pass that majority of DU students purchase. In my issue story I concluded by talking about future predictions for this upcoming year as well as the record setting year we had two years ago. The message I tried to get across was that we really can’t predict how much it will snow we just have to wait and see. So I concluded my slideshow parallel to how I opened it; showing photos of skiers skiing in summer after that record setting year.

I really focused on shooting all sorts of elements of skiing from resorts and mountains to ski equipment, gear, and even passes. I really focused on the aspect of skiing and used some older photos to show students actually skiing and showing their interest in the activity itself. When I took a lot of these photos I really did not know about the rule of thirds so if I there is one thing I would do differently it would be to focus more shooting photos with that in mind. During shooting I really tried to use a multiple of shots as well as angles to try to make the picture look more appealing and artistic. Choosing just 15 pictures was really difficult for this project. When examining all of the pictures I took it really took me a while to select and narrow it down. I must have narrowed it down four or five times before it was finished. I chose the photos I did because I felt that they best portrayed my message as well as my issue story all while having the central focus of students and skiing.

This project did not follow my issue story 100 percent but it portrayed a lot of similar messages. In my article I wanted to focus on both the effects of last year’s poor snowfall as well as if that would affect students decision to ski this upcoming year or not. The consensus I got was that the students as well as majority of the state’s skiers would not be deterred because of last year. So in my slideshow I switched the focus to showcasing the different mountains around Colorado as well as showing actual students skiing. I then conclude the same in both by talking about the record setting 2010/2011 season and how the predictions for this year won’t be known until it comes.

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