Sororities at the University of Denver react to the stereotypes debate

Mfjs 2240 issue story slideshow from samanthalauren29
My article focused on the effect that stereotypes have on sororities and university campuses. In my article I wanted to show that even though there are many negative stereotypes that they are not all true. Yes, some are true and some are truer than others, there are both the negative and positives to sororities. Interviewing sorority members helped to enhance my article and give another perspective on how sorority members think of stereotypes. Also by using a New York Times article about hazing and getting first hand reactions from sorority members is something that can show that Greek life at every campus is not the same. In my slideshow I wanted to show these aspects and let the audience decide for themselves whether they believed it was a positive or negative aspect.

I wanted to photograph different aspects of a sorority. I wanted to show things that many people overlook such as how important academics are and involvement with philanthropies. I chose to show a group of students and alumni to represent that you can’t just pick out who is in a sorority or what sorority they are in. I also wanted to show pictures of more of the ‘behind the scenes’ things that go on in sororities. For example, picturing sorority members studying during study hours, which are a regular event in most sorority organizations, shows the amount of work and dedication they put into their academics. I wanted to try and show how the stereotypes are untrue and prove them wrong through photographs.

It would have been a more effective representation if I was able to take pictures of other sororities participating in their philanthropy and throughout the recruitment process. I think what worked well for me personally was that people were very willing to be a part of my photos. Once I explained to them what it was for and my topic they were very willing to participate and help me out. I think the biggest thing I noticed when trying to photograph things for my slideshow was that most photos were of within my own sorority. It was difficult to try and take my own pictures of within another sorority.  Of the photos I got though I think I did a good job in trying to present the argument and issue without being biased.

I think my slideshow shows more of the in workings of a sorority. I believe that it is effective in a sense that it gives more of an insight and understanding into sorority life. This photo project has definitely made me look at things about sororities differently. It has really made me more aware and conscious of certain issues that arise in sororities. For example it has caused me to become very interested in what exactly hazing is and seeing if it is present on the University of Denver campus.

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