DU Greek Life Perceptions and Realities

Written Reflection

This slide show is about the perceptions and realities of Greek Life on DU’s campus and other campuses.  The information is based on interviews and surveys I conducted with Greeks and non-Greeks at DU.  My goal with the information and the pictures was to basically show all sides of the traditional Greek stereotype.  I included pictures of sorority and fraternity members gathered as a group.  I also showed Greeks and non-Greeks hanging out and studying together.  The slide show also shows some of the activities that stereotypical Greeks participate in and the differences between that and the DU Greek Community.

I chose to photograph the things I did because it showed Greeks doing the activities that they are known to do, on the DU campus.  It was also recruitment season so it was easy to get pictures of Greeks together.  Also I thought it was important to get a mixed group of students studying and working on a project to show that the DU Greek Life pillar of ‘scholarship’ matters to most members and they are willing to work with others in a constructive way.  It was also important though, to capture photos of some stereotypical activities that Greeks are known to participate in on DU’s campus and others.

The pictures I took during recruitment of the Greek Members in action, worked really well.  When taking other photos of Greek Life or people in general, I will make sure that they are more candid and not posed.  This would be easy to do during a Greek philanthropy event or another event where Greeks and non-Greeks are present together in action.  I chose to include these photos because it showed the excitement and doubts of Greek Life.  I excluded some others because they were a little too posed and I didn’t want the viewer to see a repetitive nature with the photos I chose.

I feel that my slideshow really links up to my Issue Story about Greek Life because they were both based off of the same survey.  However, in the slideshow I used more statistics and only a few quotes and in my story it was the opposite.  Therefore the way the information was presented was different.  This project did inspire me to look at Greek Life through the view point of an outsider because I was trying to experience and see how others perceive Greek Life.  It was also difficult to capture the stereotypical photos because according to the statistics of the survey Greek Life at DU does not duplicate those stereotypes.

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