DU integrates inclusiveness on campus

In my slideshow I worked to visually display the many different forms of diversity on-campus, including those which are often forgotten when the word “diversity” is said. I also tried to show the different ways the university is working to integrate inclusiveness into everyday life on campus. All of the sources I spoke to for my issues-based story discussed the many different ways diversity can exist on a campus that are not racial or ethnic diversity, which is the form most people think of immediately upon hearing the word. The university has also discussed their initiatives to integrate Inclusive Excellence at DU into daily life instead of implementing it through big projects or programs. I tried to find examples of this integration on campus and include them in the slideshow as well.
I found it was sometimes difficult to find things around campus to photograph, and it took me a long time to find enough forms of diversity on campus which could be visually understood without much explanation from me. I think it came together well in the end, though I wish I had saved myself a bit more time so I could have found pictures of student alliance meetings, Diversity Team meetings, etc. I also would have liked to be able to include more human subjects into the slideshow, as only three slides have students. A shot inside the Center for Multicultural Excellence or some of the alliance meetings I mentioned previously might have been a good idea. I really wanted to bring a “face” to this campus initiative of Inclusive Excellence and feel I could have improved on that.
Because this is a subject which is very important to me on a personal level, I would really like to explore the subject further, which is what I plan to do through some campus groups and committees I am a member of. If given the opportunity, I would very much like to explore the topic again and go further in-depth both with the photographs as well as in the reporting.

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  • Caitlin Hendee
    Caitlin Hendee says:

    It is so important to accept and promote diversity on campus like the University of Denver and around the nation. Diversity doesn’t just mean the color of one’s skin, but also students who come from all different facets of life. For example, I am “white,” but I am also a single mother. I live on my own, raise my daughter, work part-time and attend college. Diversity means accepting all non-traditional and traditional college students as an integral part of a campus community.

    I thought Sarah did a pretty good job of using photography to show diversity around campus. Some of her photos, such as the one showing student eating together, did an excellent job of capturing the ways in which students come together to promote diversity. Sarah also wrote many great captions that captured the important elements of how DU promotes diversity around campus. My only critique would be to use a different color of lettering to make the slides more aesthetically pleasing, as well as add a little more text for informational purposes. She did a really great job.

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