How DU students cope with no library

For my slideshow, I chose to take pictures of various different things that had to do with students studying on and off campus and of the libraries construction itself. I took a lot of pictures at popular study spaces that students have found off campus. I tried to capture the atmosphere of those coffee shops and bakeries to show what a welcoming and homey environment they give off. I also wanted to show pictures of how the school actually looks with the construction going on. People who look at the pictures can form their own opinions about how the school looks with all the construction going on in the middle of DU’s campus.

If I could do this project again, I would definitely do some more up close shots for a more artistic view. I wasn’t thinking ahead when I was going to the off campus locations thinking that I could just walk in and start snapping photos. When I actually couldn’t really do that. I needed to have someone I knew come with me so I could take photographs of them because taking photos of random people up close is an invasion of privacy and most of the coffee shops wouldn’t allow me to photograph them on the inside. So I think my biggest issue was thinking ahead.

I have learned a lot about photo taking from this project. Just from the activities that we participated in class, I feel like my photography skills are a lot more advanced than they used to be. I’ve learned that you really do need to practice. And you can’t just take one picture and expect it to be perfect because that never happens.

This photo project really linked to my issue story #1 because I wanted to show how students are coping with not having a library at school. By having my pictures show the process of construction, the study spaces at school and off campus I think it really made my issue story come to life. After the photo project I don’t necessarily think that it made my ideas change about the issue story. It just reinforced what my issue story was stating.

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  • Carly Moore
    Carly Moore says:

    This slide show is really nice. I like how you chose to take pictures of the construction but also places off campus where people like to go while the construction is going on. Your pictures were nice and you had a lot of pictures of people studying and study setting or materials. It was a good balance of people and objects close up and far away.

    I would suggest using a larger font size just to make reading the captions a little easier. That might also help if you make the slide show the whole width of the page. But over all I liked the topic and the pictures did a great job depicting what you were trying to go for also I liked the fact that you took a lot of pictures of placed off campus. 🙂 Good job!

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