The Clarion: being a student journalist



For the audio-visual slideshow, I really wanted to show the trials of being a student journalist, while also conveying the camaraderie and pleasant aspects. I focused on DU’s student newspaper, the Clarion, and particularly the Monday night production process of the Clarion staff.

I interviewed several people on staff; I wanted to get different perspectives from different positions on the paper. I also wanted multiple voices; towards the end of the slideshow, I broadened my interview to other members on staff to try and discover why these students have chosen to join and/or stay on the Clarion staff despite the stress and difficulties.

I worked really hard to convey the excitement and stress of Monday’s and of student journalists in general by editing student’s comments with photographs that were busy and cut fast. I am particularly proud of the section that juxtaposes Anita and Sarah’s descriptions of their stressful Monday nights while photos flash by faster than they have been previously in the slideshow. I chose more photos of the editing and last minute processes of the Clarion office late Monday night for this section.

With the photos, I tried to have some variation in close ups versus medium and long shots; it was a little difficult to achieve this since the Clarion office itself is rather small and does not lend well to wide shots. I did a lot of close ups of objects, particularly of the paper itself and of little objects in the office, while using mainly medium and long shots for my pictures of people. This was mainly out of convenience for the busy staff; this was a particularly stressful Monday night and I didn’t want to inhibit the processes and relations of my subjects. That being said, I chose to focus mainly on photographs of the paper itself and the journalists behind it.

One thing I would do differently in the future, was to do my audio interviews in advance so that I would have to take less photos and thus sort through less photos when putting together my slideshow. As the Clarion staff meets only on Monday nights, there was only one chance for me to collect both audio and visual material for the slideshow. I think it turned out pretty well, but it would’ve been nice to have a bit more direction photographically.

As for arranging the photos, I worked really hard with my audio to make sure the photographs matched up, or conveyed a similar mood or tone as what was being said. There are a few photographs that didn’t quite capture this mood as I would’ve liked, but I’m overall very pleased with this slideshow. I really enjoyed editing the audio and recording all my interviews.

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  • Anna Gauldin
    Anna Gauldin says:

    I love how well you incorporate the audio component of this project! The variety of voices really adds to the story, and you effectively move back and forth between the different people. Great job interviewing so many different people and including pictures of all of them. I also liked some of the creative photos you created surrounding the Clarion, utilizing different angles. The one from the back of the office looked like you had to climb up on the counter – way to be creative. Nice work!

  • Sarah Ford
    Sarah Ford says:

    I really enjoyed this slideshow, it really encapsulates what it’s like to work on the Clarion at DU. I thought the way you mixed the audio interviews was great- it added a lot of variety and interplay with what each person was saying. My favorite part was definitely your mixing sections of audio where we each talked about how busy we are on Mondays during production. Hilarious. And you had some really great pictures too, its neat you managed to keep the slideshow interesting while you only have that small office to take pictures in. When my friends ask me what it’s like to work on the Clarion I am just going to show them this!

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