Sodexo employees and students enjoy friendly interactions and conversation

The Sodexo employees at DU often just become part of the landscape, people seen everyday and not well-known. With my audio slideshow, I sought to highlight the employees and what they do at the school. I wanted to give them a chance to say what they enjoy about working at DU, and also bring in a student’s opinion regarding their own appreciation of the employees here at DU. Through this I wanted to let viewers know more about people they interact with on a daily basis, give appreciation to the employees, and highlight the joy both parties take from friendliness, laughter and good conversations.

I chose to photograph a number of locations around campus to give the slides diversity and represent all the locations where students and Sodexo employees interact. I used a wide range of shots of people, places, using wide, medium and close-up shots. I matched images with the words in the interviews as best as possible, trying not to be too repetitive with the images. I chose to use Joseph’s interview first, and Ryan’s second, because I felt that was a natural progression. Joseph talked about enjoying interaction with students, then a student talked about enjoying the friendliness and good conversations and interactions with the staff. I chose not to use much text or special effects because I felt they would distract from the overall message of the piece. I used text to identify the people talking, and a few effects at the beginning, when switching between people and at the end. I didn’t want to take away from the piece and felt using lots of fades, rotations or shrinking canvases would be highly distracting from the audio aspect of the slideshow.

Originally I wanted more interviews with Sodexo employees, however when I asked, most were unwilling to do an interview. For some it was simply not feasible to do an interview while working, others weren’t sure if their managers would be okay with it. Because of this I was limited in who I could interview and decided to use just one employee and one student, comparing their words and allowing their voices to complement one another, as the things they said agreed with each other. I had originally planned to do an entirely different story, but the interviews fell through and I wouldn’t have had time to gather photographs by the time they were available. I chose to do the story on Sodexo, so it was a little more rushed than I would have liked, but I think I was able to still get good audio and images in the limited time. I would have also liked more interviews, but as I explained above this was impossible. Ideally I would have liked two or three employees and students to have a wider variety of information. Using audio is difficult to adjust to, compared writing down interviews. However, I enjoyed doing the project and was glad to have a very different type of journalism experience, something that will most definitely be helpful in the future. All in all, it was definitely a challenging project, but also fun and a great learning experience.

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  • Ian Anderson
    Ian Anderson says:

    This was a really well done project. I really like how you got the perspectives of both sodexo employees and students. All of your pictures matched up well to what they were saying and the slideshow flowed very nicely. Just about everyone at DU has eaten at a Sodexo dining area on campus and part of what is really nice about Sodexo is the staff. At times I found the food may not be the most flavorful but the staff was always really friendly and helpful. On the reverse side students were always respectful to the staff and also really friendly and I thought you got that across very well in your slideshow.

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