The Pioneer Leadership Program at DU

Final Cut Pro Audio Slideshow Reflection – Anna Gauldin

The topic of my audio slideshow is the Pioneer Leadership Program at the University of Denver, a living and learning community in which students pursue a minor in leadership studies. To capture the essence of this program, I did my best to photograph the various aspects of PLP, ranging from classes to retreats to volunteer work.

I also incorporated photographs of the residence hall in which all of the first-year members live, as well as photographs of the directors and some of the members of the program. My goal with this project is to inform members of the Pioneer community what PLP is all about, as there are often misconceptions.

The photographs I decided to take resulted primarily from the interviews I conducted with Linda Olson and Paul Kosempel, the directors of PLP. After speaking with them and replaying what they said about the program, I made a list of photo ideas and pursued those items.

The order of my photos was based on the same concept—it wasn’t until after I had edited all of my audio files and placed them in the correct order that I could begin placing the photos. I did my best to match the photographs to what was being said at the time, though I found it hard to always find a completely relevant photograph.

Essentially, I centered my entire project around the audio files, starting with the interviews and progressing from there. By first creating a story with the audio clips, I was able to create a story with the photographs to go along with it.

There were some difficulties along the way—unsurprising considering I had never created a project of this type. In my first interview, the recorder made a strange beeping noise at several points while Paul was speaking, and I consequently wasn’t able to use those clips.

Some of my photos aren’t nearly as high of a quality as I would like, but due to the large number of photos I needed to take, I didn’t always have access to a high-quality camera. And, of course, while exporting the file to YouTube, the program waited until 25 minutes in to inform me I had entered my password incorrectly and needed to start over.

If I were to complete this project in an ideal world, I would have a non-beeping recorder and a thousand-dollar camera. I would also know how to type in my YouTube password correctly. However, overall, it was a great learning experience, and I enjoyed the challenge of working in a new medium.

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  • Hannah Gilham
    Hannah Gilham says:

    Hey Anna,
    I really enjoyed this slideshow. The audio was really good, perfect levels and there weren’t too many lulls in both interviews. I also thought the photographs matched well. It was very informative, I didn’t know a lot about the PLP program at DU, great job!

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