Study abroad: the other side

Basically I focused just about all of my pictures based on what the subjects in my interviews were saying. At times it was a bit difficult to capture exactly what they were describing but I felt I used relatable photos to what the subjects were saying. My project focused on two aspects here at DU. I briefly described and explained the unique study abroad program DU has that allows a large majority of students to go abroad their junior year. I felt it was very necessary to point out how the university really supports and tries to make the study abroad experience available to all students. However, not all students go abroad and this is what I primarily focused my slideshow on. Many students get to go abroad and experience a different culture during their college years but not all students do. I really wanted to show what it is like for students who don’t go abroad while majority of their grade is gone. I also tried to show the potential benefits that not studying abroad can have for students. My audio consists of students who are current juniors that didn’t go abroad. At this moment majority of the junior class is abroad and I really tried to show how different it is for a student currently here. I also interviewed a graduate student who didn’t go abroad but unfortunately the audio got a bit messed up and I had to paraphrase the benefits not studying abroad had for him.

The thing that really drove my photographing decisions was what was being said in the audio. It was really important to try to visually represent what each subject was describing. The first thing I did was obtain my interviews while taking pictures of my subjects. Next, I obtained additional photos that helped visually enhance and continue my story. Really the most difficult part of the process was editing the audio. I had so many different clips and I only had to pick between a few and mixing and moving the audio is really where I spent most of my time on this project. After I obtained everything I needed I simply put my slideshow in the most logical way. I opened by describing the importance of study abroad at the university and then transitioned into my interviewed subjects. I placed them in the order that I interviewed them saving the law student for last as I felt he had gained the most benefit by not going abroad. I then concluded with a warning about students who have no real reason or benefit for not going abroad.

If I could do this project differently I would probably take photos with a different camera. For some reason I had a difficult time with getting photos that weren’t blurry or obscured. I even tried placing it on a more level and steady surface but I still had some difficulties. If I had used a better camera I feel like I would have been able to get clearer images that would visually have enhanced my project more.

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  • Marney Hatch
    Marney Hatch says:

    Ian, I think that your project was put together really well. I like how you incorporated many different interviews, it really strengthened your slideshow. I thought that you had a very interesting subject because most people are only interested on the side of going abroad not staying at DU instead. You had a variety of pictures that all went well with what the interviews were saying.

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