Students make sandwiches for needy

Creating the audio slideshow on Final Cut Pro was an exciting challenge for me, as it is the first audio project I have had the opportunity to do, and it was exciting to be working in such a new capacity. I was also excited about the topic I chose and am now glad it is what I selected, as it did serve itself very well to this presentation format. I chose to do my audio slideshow on the PB&J program put on by the campus ministry every Thursday evening and Friday morning to make and distribute sack lunches for the needy in Denver. I took photos both of the events Thursday night- when the students make the PB&J sandwiches in Nagel Hall- and the Friday morning distribution, during which students go to Civic Center Park downtown to pass out the lunches to the needy waiting for them.

I really wanted viewers to understand the impact the PB&J program has on students and those it serves. DU students are often thought of as very privileged, and I wanted to focus on those students dedicated to helping and bettering the lives of those around them. Many students who regularly participate have also said the experience has opened their minds and made them more aware of struggling and the lifestyles of the needy, and I wanted to highlight this effect as well.

I tried to focus on taking pictures which were interesting and action-oriented both during the time students made the PB&J sandwiches and the time they spent passing them out to the needy. I took many pictures of the students having fun making the sandwiches, talking, and enjoying each other’s company. I also wanted to take pictures which were interesting to look at, even when the subjects themselves were not very interesting, especially because lots of pictures in the same room felt repetitive. That is why there are also lots of pictures in the slideshow of things taken at different angles. I think I was successful during the sandwich making process in the pictures I took, and found I had a lot to choose from when actually creating the slideshow.

However, I realized after the passing out session that, while I had taken a lot of pictures, many were not the quality I desired. A lot had very blurry images of people moving around, or had been taken quickly and cut off someone’s head in the shot. Because this meant there were many I could not use, I had to stretch fewer pictures out for longer in the slideshow than I would like. I had the opposite problem regarding audio, and found myself with a lot of good interviews I did not want to have to cut. In the end, I brought myself down from twenty minutes worth of audio to the final 3:30.

I think putting the two together was the most fun I had during the project. I liked matching the pictures with the audio, but still wish I had taken more pictures so I could have had more options for this portion. There were some photos I had to include from Civic Center Park which I would have preferred not to have to use at all. However, I did like that I was able to edit the audio in a way which allowed the slideshow to tell its own story without me having to insert a lot of text. I only use text twice-to identify two people. Overall I had a great time with the project, and it was exciting as a journalist to find a new way to tell a story.

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  • Carly Moore
    Carly Moore says:

    I think this is a great slide show, a great topic, and great interviews. I love you actually got audio from one of the recipients of the food and the poem was great, and touching. 😀 I love it. The story line is really great and I like how you followed the group to the site where they give the sandwiches that was also a cool part about this slideshow.

    I would though suggest maybe a little more creativity on the pictures just because they are a big repetitive especially in the beginning; but over all I love the topic and what was said and how you ended the slideshow… it was really inspiring. GREAT JOB! 🙂

  • Brenda Rohn
    Brenda Rohn says:

    Sarah, you did an amazing job with this project! First of all, the topic alone makes this slideshow stand out to the viewer as something unique, interesting, and worthy of their time, especially due to the compelling nature of the topic.
    Once the viewer begins watching the slideshow and hearing the interviews from those in charge of and involved with the sandwich making project such as the leader here at DU and students at DU who take time out of their busy school days to make sandwiches for the homeless and the hungry of Denver, you are locked in, your interest is grabbed and you continue watching to see what impact these sandwiches make on the community. When you get to the pictures of the DU students delivering the sandwiches themselves, see the homeless people waiting, and even hear from those receiving the sandwiches about how much it means to them to have a meal, it strikes your heart, capturing it and compelling you by the strong impact these simple PB & J sandwiches can make and do make in the lives of so many.
    In the end, all the viewer can feel is inspiration to touch lives the way these dedicated PB & J chefs do. Very compelling & inspiring! Great job for choosing a unique and compelling topic for this slideshow.

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