Transfer students at DU say transferring is not the end of the world

For my audio slideshow I wanted to focus on a certain group of people, I wanted to focus on transfer students. I chose to focus on transfer students because I think they are normally misunderstood. Many people sometimes don’t even realize that some students are transfer students but there is still this overall idea about transfer students. I wanted to discuss with my interviewees why they decided to transfer and what made them decide that they wanted to come to DU.

One thing many people think about transfer students is that they have to transfer in as a junior and only during fall quarter which is something untrue. I wanted to show this by including an interview with someone who had a more unconventional transfer situation and transferred in as a sophomore during winter quarter rather than my other interviewee who transferred this quarter and is a junior. I also wanted to show that transferring isn’t a bad thing and that people transfer for all different reasons.

I wanted to show the aspects of the DU campus that were expressed in my interviews. I wanted to show what was being described in the interviews. One thing that I wanted to accomplish in my project was a natural progression between photos that also corresponded to the audio. For me it was easier to organize the photos in an order I liked, though the audio was much harder. It was hard for me to pick out what the general college student would find interesting and make sure I put all the audio in a logical manner that flowed.

One thing that I learned was that I didn’t have enough photos. I didn’t really realize how many photos you could fit into about two and a half minutes. I also didn’t realize how long and tedious the process of cutting and arranging the audio would be. Overall though I think I learned a lot about the editing process in general and how to use the Final Cut Pro software.

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