The Dangers of Irresponsible Drinking

This slideshow presents pictures of people drinking and general photographs of alcohol to show the prevalence of irresponsible drinking on college campuses.  The photos I chose for the slideshow are primarily focused on different means of consuming alcohol.  The pictures are meant to show that drinking games and aggressive drinking make it difficult for somebody to monitor exactly how much alcohol they are actually consuming.  Drinking is a major part of college, but the amount of binge drinking in college is often overlooked and serves as a major problem.

The pictures show several different ways that some college students choose to drink instead of the traditional means of drinking a beer or a mixed drink.  There are photos of people “shot-gunning” and cans that had been “shot-gunned,” which is a popular means of attempting to drink beer as fast as possible.  Other pictures show somebody drinking straight from a bottle of hard alcohol, Irish car bombs (a popular drop-shot drink consisting of Bailey’s, Guinness, and Jameson), a set up beer pong game, and drinking bagged wine.  All of these methods of drinking promote irresponsible and binge drinking but are very often used by college students to get drunk quickly.

I feel as though the slideshow starts off well with people “shot-gunning” beers since that is one of the more used methods for college students to “pre-game” or get drunk.  The slideshow then moves into a person drinking wine out of a bag while Sam mentions “people not being aware of how much they are actually drinking,” which fits perfectly with drinking cheap wine from a bag.  I tried to make the slideshow flow well with what Sam has to say about the dangers of irresponsible drinking and how people often overlook it when they go out drinking.  Pictures such as a table covered in beer bottles and empty bottles of hard alcohol and a person drinking whiskey straight from the bottle match well with his statements about not knowing exactly how much a person is drinking.

The process of putting together a slideshow about irresponsible drinking was certainly a tough task.  Taking pictures of people “anonymously” drinking was difficult, and even for people who I know are 21 years old it seems as though taking pictures of friends drinking invades their privacy.  This is why there are about as many pictures of people drinking as there are of bottles, broken cans, or a beer pong game.  The picture of the Irish car bombs was originally a full picture but I cropped it to just keep the hands and the image of a “drop-shot”.  The fact that it was difficult to take pictures of drinking, something that people generally only do on weekends, is what made this slideshow challenging.  The audio portion was not nearly as difficult since there is a lot to be said about irresponsible/binge drinking to promote awareness for the dangers of such drinking.

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  • Caitlin Hendee
    Caitlin Hendee says:

    I really enjoyed the premise and photos Mike chose to do for his audio slideshow. His source made some excellent points about the irresponsibility of over-drinking, and I think Mike did a great job of matching the photographs with what the speaker was saying.

    As far as his photos go, I think that was the slideshow’s strongest aspect. The photos captured a wide range of things that really drove the point home of what over-drinking can cause. He also did a nice job of framing the shots using the rule of thirds and alternating between shots of people and shots of objects associated with drinking.

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