Women empower others during Tri-Delta’s Fat Talk Free Week

The photos I chose to take for this slide show are depictions of Fat Talk and Fat Talk Free Week.  I first of all took a lot of pictures of the two ladies that I interviewed because it was important to capture how they felt confident in their bodies and how they do things in their life to show self-confidence and pride.  Then I took photos of thing that symbolize eating, size or media pressure.  I also got pictures of some of the campaigns that Tri-Delta uses to promote their program.  A compilation of all these different types of photos certainly creates a sense of Tri-Delta is trying to accomplish with this campaign.  I am trying to exhibit what the campaign is, what it means, and how we can avoid using negative language towards ourselves and others. By following the example of the ladies shown, we can empower other women to feel confident and talk confidently.

The process of putting audio in my slide show certainly made it easier to tell the audience about the topic I chose.  Having the girls speak about their own experience was also important that really you could hear how this campaign affects their life for the better.  I used minimal text in my slide show other than to introduce it because I felt that the words in the pictures or the words being said were more powerful than anything that could have been vicariously typed on top of a picture.

I think it was important that I got pictures of the speakers doing their everyday things in life and an example of how they see themselves.  But because I only interviewed two people the pictures were a bit repetitive, maybe I should have interviewed a few more girls to give a better depiction of different body types and how people live their day to day life.  Although I chose to take the pictures after I conducted I think this topic is hard to match exactly with a visual image because this campaign is discouraging a negative action.  I chose to include the photos of the mannequins and sizes, because it just shows how subtle signs in the world, that we see sometimes every day, create a stereotype for the ideal body.


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