University of Denver cheer team brings spirit & unity to Denver community

For my Final Cut Pro Slideshow, I really wanted to give recognition to a group or organization within the DU community that does so much for the DU campus and others in the community, but doesn’t always get the recognition they deserve. Throughout two years spent rooming with a DU cheerleader, I began to notice all the hard work it takes to be a DU cheerleader. There is an immense amount of time, dedication, and commitment present in what the DU cheer team stands for and all they do for the University of Denver, and, many times they don’t receive proper appreciation for the great role they play within the DU community.

The University of Denver Cheer team does more than simply cheer on the athletes at DU; they foster a sense of spirit and pride toward the DU Pioneers throughout the campus and provide a sense of unity to the Denver community through their high level of community involvement and service, both on and off the DU campus. With this being said, for my pictures, I wanted to truly encompass the many ways the DU cheer team makes an impact on and off campus by capturing pictures depicting ways the DU cheer team raises spirits and the overall sense of pride for the University of Denver through their cheering at athletic events and competitions, the ways the DU cheer team interacts with the community through community events on campus and through community service involvement in the greater Denver area, and the amount of dedication and commitment these girls give throughout the year to be a part of the University of Denver cheer team.

In efforts to capture the DU cheer team’s impact from the angles of spirit boosting, community involvement, and dedication, I basically followed the DU cheer team around for as many events as I could. For my week with the DU cheer team, I accompanied them to cheer practice, to a girls’ basketball exposition game, to a community service event in the Denver area, and to community events on campus during Homecoming week such as the Homecoming parade, tabling efforts to promote awareness of the cheer team, and their volunteer selling of hockey programs at the Homecoming hockey game.

When presenting these many and various images within the slideshow, I attempted to match what was being said in the audio interviews with Coach Wendy Kraus and Co-Captain Alex Stein with associated photos and images. I started the slideshow with the symbol for the DU cheer team to inform viewers of the topic of the slideshow and edited with a symbol as well to remind viewers of importance of the DU Pioneer cheerleading team, as well as to create symmetry. During the heart of the slideshow, the pictures were presented based on the topics being discussed during the interviews, with careful consideration placed on matching pictures to the words being said, when possible. Because of the great quantity of useful information from the interviews conducted, I only used text to introduce the speakers or source of the information.

In future audio and visual slideshows, I would like to have better equipment for capturing visual imaging. For cheer pictures, particularly stunt pictures at practice and the games, it was difficult to capture the crisp poses and positions of the cheerleaders in movement as my digital camera does not have many settings to adjust to improve shutter speed and lighting. The lighting in the gym during practices was particularly unflattering, but there was not much I could do with such a simple camera. In my years ahead as a journalist, I plan to invest in my own high quality camera so that I may fully capture images in their best quality.

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