DU Colleges Against Cancer and Illegal Pete’s partner for Burritos for Boobs

By Hannah Gilham, Katy Owens and Anna Gauldin

On Oct. 25, the University of Denver chapter of Colleges Against Cancer partnered with Illegal Pete’s, a local burrito restaurant, to put on its semi-annual Burritos for Boobs event in support of the American Cancer Society.

The fundraising event, which included food and drink specials as well as live music, spanned Illegal Pete’s full hours of operation, from 7 a.m. on Oct. 25 to 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 26. At the end of the day, Illegal Pete’s donated 20 percent of its total profits for the day straight to the American Cancer Society.

Illegal Pete’s has been helping out with Colleges Against Cancer for three years now, since we opened,” said Dan Kronisch, the general manager of the Illegal Pete’s location on East Evans Avenue, where the event was held. “Last year, we raised almost $2,500 in one night, so it’s been a huge success for us and for the campus. We get live music going, and it gets pretty hopping in here.” 

As part of its breast cancer awareness week, the DU chapter of Colleges Against Cancer sells T-shirts on the University of Denver campus for $10.


Burritos for Boobs is part of DU Colleges Against Cancer’s Breast Cancer Week, which occurs every October. Throughout the week, the organization tables on the DU campus to sell breast cancer awareness T-shirts and promote the Burritos for Boobs event. All funds raised by the group are donated directly to the American Cancer Society.

The T-shirts, which sold for $10, boast a humorous but fitting slogan, “Don’t let cancer steal second base,” written in pink on the front and paired with a baseball bat and diamond.

According to Leslee Warren, the president of the DU Colleges Against Cancer chapter, this year’s Breast Cancer Week was highly successful.

“The event went really well,” said Warren. “The bands were both really amazing, and this year we made a total of around $2,100 from everything that week.”

Proceeds from throughout the day were donated to the American Cancer Society, including 20 percent of the promotional “Double D” green-chile smothered chicken burrito, costing $10.

Second-year DU student Dalton Handy ordered the Double D burrito to help support Breast Cancer Awareness week.

“Any way I can support breast cancer research is good for me. My grand[mother] had it… It’s a good event,” said Handy. “The perfect combination of burritos and boobs and cancer research.”

Burritos for Boobs is held at Illegal Pete’s on East Evans Avenue every fall and every spring.

The Bands
“This year we [had] a couple awesome DU bands: The Big Motif and In Due Time,” said Warren of the local entertainment for the night. “[Both] have already a huge fan base.”

Between 9:30 p.m. and midnight, the two DU-affiliated bands performed inside the restaurant, beginning with In Due Time, a funk and ska band featuring guitar, saxophone, trombone, keyboard, drums and vocals. Playing an array of covers and originals, the band brought in a gathering of fans and novice listeners.

Later in the evening, The Big Motif took the stage, performing music self-described as naked rock with roots in blues, jazz, reggae, psychedelic and funk.

“The atmosphere is really relaxed,” said Warren. “It’s a Thursday night, so it’s a good time to just bring your friends, eat and listen to music.”


DU Colleges Against Cancer holds several fundraising events throughout the year, including its annual Relay for Life event held every May. All the events focus on the role of helping those who have been affected by cancer.

“It’s just all about spreading awareness, raising money for research and support programs and helping those people who are battling cancer right now,” said Jessica Wright, vice president of DU Colleges Against Cancer.

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