Unknown clubs at DU will forever impact the greater Denver area

Produced & Written by: Brenda Rohn, Carly Ann Moore, and Samantha Selincourt

“A private university dedicated to the public good,” is the mission statement of the University of Denver (DU). This mission pertains to more than just DU itself as it is echoed by the goal of most of the student organizations on campus.

DU has 40 active intramural and club sports and more than 129 clubs based on academics, culture, religion, politics, service, and Greek life on campus.  Clearly not everyone can know everything about all these organizations; therefore, many successful organizations that make a huge difference on campus are sometimes over shadowed or even unknown.

When students are asked what kind of clubs are on DU’s campus, usually the answers are Alpine Club, DU Grilling Society (D.U.G.S.), the Clarion, intramural broomball, etc.  Although these clubs are composed of quite a few students, there are a number of organizations that make a significant impact on the DU and Denver Community, but may not be the first to come to mind.

Catholic Student Fellowship (CSF), DU Service and Chance (DUSC), and Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) are among those organizations that reflect the vision of the University of Denver.  All of these organizations make a difference to DU students themselves, and to the greater community around them.

The DU Service & Change Club trick-or-treated for non-perishable and canned food items for the Food Bank during Halloween 2012.

Stephanie Sufian, the liturgy chair of Catholic Student Fellowship says, “CSF’s goal as a club is to promote Catholicism and to provide a place here on campus for Catholics; that just because you moved away from your parents doesn’t mean you have to lose your whole spiritual and religious life.”

CSF as an organization reaches out to many areas of the Denver community such as Little Sisters of the Poor, a nursing home; Christ in the City, which helps provide assistance to the homeless; and the Young Women’s Christian Association at Boulder County, a homeless shelter for women and children of domestic violence.

DU Service and Change also helps the Denver community by volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, collecting school supplies for the Bridge Project, and Trick-or-Treating for non-perishables and canned food for the local food bank.

DUSC is a fairly new organization on campus. In previous years, DU had several volunteer organizations, but this year they all merged together to make a more coherent and effective organization that can more efficiently serve the greater Denver area.

An initiative of QSA is to create more gender neutral bathrooms like this one on campus to avoid cookie-cutter and stereotypes of gender.

Although Queer Straight Alliance helps the Denver community by supporting certain initiatives that support the LGBT community, their main benefit goes to DU students.  Members of QSA either support or are part of that community themselves, and together this group creates a safe, inclusive space where students can go to share their feelings and not feel discriminated against or hurt.

One of their main initiatives is to create gender neutral bathrooms on campus so that those members of the LGBT community are not forced to identify with a cookie cutter gender they aren’t comfortable with.

The differences these organizations make on the Denver community and DU campus are those of heartfelt student organizations, and it is certain that many other student organizations on the campus have this same drive for their own passions.

The University of Denver’s private university status may make it seem small and not too well-known and there may be clubs on campus with unknown goals, motives, and influences, but their impacts will forever echo for the public good.


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  • Anna Gauldin
    Anna Gauldin says:

    Great work on your video! I know you guys put a lot of time into it. I think you had a great variety of shots, and I could tell you put some thought into where to conduct your interviews, like in the chapel. I also think the second picture in your written story is very creative. Great diversity of voices in the video as well. Nice job!

  • Katy Owens
    Katy Owens says:

    This was a very informative and interesting video! I’m glad you interviewed a variety of people from multiple clubs, and from some clubs that aren’t as well-known, emphasizing the fact that there are tons of organizations and something for everyone. There was lots of b-roll that matched the interviewees, so that was great. It was visually stimulating with the variety of angles and shots, the close-ups of hands really worked well. Great job!

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