DU students rock the vote

By Gabrielle Pfafflin and Sarah Ford

In a high turnout election night, DU students flooded the Centennial Halls Polling Center to vote on Tuesday.

From 9 AM in the morning to 7 PM in the evening, students passed through the doorways of Centennial Halls ready to vote and proudly flaunted their “I voted!” stickers upon leaving.

Chalk writing littered the DU campus, shepherding students toward Centennial Halls and reminding them to vote. Campaigners canvassed, called, and drove prospective voters to the polls.

The campus was abuzz with political involvement.

As the evening darkened on Centennial Halls, the DU Dems congregated to pass out free snacks and juice to all students that voted.

As he left the building, DU Graduate, Patrick Morris said, “I’m just glad that I’m here late in the day and there’s still voting.”

However, Campaign Coordinator of the DU Dems, Connor Evenson remained skeptical. He feared that DU has “been a fairly apathetic campus.”

“I think we can get an okay turnout,” He continued, “perhaps 35 or 40 percent, which is less than the normal electorate.”

Alex Johnson of the DU College Republicans disagreed. He claimed that the energy in this election was more palpable for conservative voters than in 2008. Although he expected DU to vote more blue, he elaborated that was not representative of the entire campus or state of Colorado.

When asked why they voted, students offered various reasons. Freshman Gege Sorenson said, “I feel like it’s kind of a privilege and it’s also kind of a duty at the same time.”

Shadi Maalaki offered a similar reason. He said, “It’s my civic duty in this society to vote.”

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  • Ian Anderson
    Ian Anderson says:

    Really great story and topic. I’m glad you guys focused on the election because it definitely was one of the biggest events happening not just around campus but around the country as well. I also liked how you guys took a different approach to this with having someone introduce what is going on and also when it actually was election night you guys made it seem like you were reporting live from there. Also good job on getting a plethora of different opinions instead of just focusing on what maybe three or four people are saying.

  • Hannah Gilham
    Hannah Gilham says:

    Good job guys, I really liked the focus on student interviews in this piece. Most of the night shots were well lit and easy to see so good job. A few awkward panning and light changes during a shot, but I really liked how it felt like a on-the-spot report rather than a feature. I wanted to hear a bit more from the Dems and Republicans as they are the representatives of those bodies on campus, but otherwise great job!

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