DU cracking down on fake IDs

Here at the University of Denver, it is a wide known fact that fake IDs are a problem among the student population. With the new opening of the Merchants Mile High Saloon in place of the previous Border Bar, questions are being raised as to whether the bars around the University of Denver area are cracking down on the use of fake IDs.


The University of Denver does not condone the use of fake IDs among its students. “Our policies mirror the laws of the state and the ordinances of the city of Denver and because in the eyes of the city and the state fake IDs are illegal then fake IDs are illegal on our campus as well,” said Sergeant Stephen Banet a crime prevention officer at DU.


According to Sergeant Banet, if a campus safety officer finds a student with a fake ID they are to document the situation in a form of a report which will lead to a student conduct hearing and further action is taken after the hearing.

“So far this year we have had 40 approximate cases of fraudulent ID,” reported Banet.


“Do the bars do a good job of monitoring fake IDs, I think its in the bars best interest to do a good job certainly, but fake IDs are becoming harder and harder to detect,” finished Banet.


With fake ids becoming harder and harder to detect, what actions are the bars around DU taking to prevent the use of fake IDs at their establishments.


“We do check for fake IDs because a. it protects the guests that come in here and it also protects our liquor license, if a bar is to lose their liquor license the entire place will shut down,” said Garrett Donelli the general manager at Crimson and Gold bar.


“Its tough to enforce we do our part by checking them, having the proper training in doing so, but I mean if it’s a great ID it’s past our hands at that point it’s up to the law so we do try our best,” stated Donelli.

Crimson and Gold is known for having a police officer outside of their bar checking IDs on popular nights but recently it has been up to the staff to monitor and check for fake IDs.


“Obviously an authority figure is kind of threatening and I don’t want people to feel threatened when they’re in here,” said Donelli, “but at the end of the day we turn in all of our IDs into the Denver police department.”


With the new Merchants Mile High Saloon finally being open for business the question arises as to what the new management will do to monitor the use of fake IDs at their bar.


“Well first off, foremost and most importantly we have the ID scanner which is coming through nowadays which has given us a leg up on keeping control of the fake ID situation, unfortunately that is a major thing we have to watch out for especially with the history,” said Jack Dwyer manager of the new Merchants Mile High Saloon.


“Our actions when we get a fake ID are thank you but we cannot serve you tonight but come back when you are 21,” stated Dwyer simply.


It seems collectively that the University of Denver as well as the bars surrounding DU are doing their best to combat the ever present issue of fake IDs among students. However with fake IDs becoming more and more difficult to detect, how well will these bars as well as the university be able to monitor this issue in the future.


“Do I think that fake IDs will always been an issue at DU, most certainly but not just here but at college campuses across the country,” said Banet.


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  • Sarah Ford
    Sarah Ford says:

    I thought this video was very well done. I loved having interviews included with different bar owners from around campus, as well as with Sgt. Banet. There was also a lot of variety of shots in the video, which kept it very interesting. One thing that could possibly be improved is the gaps of silence throughout, which are kind of sudden and can take the viewer out of the video a bit.

  • Caitlin Hendee
    Caitlin Hendee says:

    I liked this video, especially the idea of bringing attention to the issues of fake IDs around campus. I thought the video made good choices for casting, especially by contrasting Sgt. Banet and the owner of the Gold and Crimson Bar. I also especially liked the order of the video. It was very logical and interesting.

    I thought that the shots overall were very well thought out. It would have been great to see shots of students actually drinking, or an extreme close-up of an ID or even a fake ID.

    Overall, great job.

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